Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


thats baloney

see roberts’s interview.

total joke


‘bout time

but he still gets support from some on the set and hollywood


Why does it matter who’s worse? They paid (or are paying) the price for their actions. The minutiae on how it all came down doesn’t really matter in the long run.


Just pointing out the difference in immediate calls for Barr’s show to be boycotted, and such and she last her job almost immediately on something that wasn’t even illegal.

Wwhere all Smollett everyone is like — lets just wait and see how it plays out in court, he’ sinnocent until proven guilty ya know.


who? who is supporting him?


Ironic…entire premise of this thread is victim complex that left been spewing for decades.


I thought it was the job of reporters to validate/corroborate the stories before making it public?


article here lists some “celeb support”

this article describes that while divided, some still support him on set

maybe some just refuse to accept that racism DOESNT exist. at least not like they want it to


That last sentence. May be it’s Friday. Are you saying that racism doesn’t exist in a violent form or am i misreading something?


no. i’m saying it doesnt exist like the hollywood (and media) types evidently think it does - as roving hordes of red hat wearing trump supporting racist neanderthals jumping straight non-whites in allies

the irony is how non-violent MAGA’s are being sucker punched and assaulted on campuses and marches, etc…

sometimes just for smiling


Roseanne’s mistake of handling the situation was not pulling a Joy Reid and claiming she was hacked.


Roseann’s mistake was . . . umm . . . no other way of putting it . . . ummm being Roseann.


I’m no fan of hers, never have been.


No … the story was reported on as fact when it was nothing but an allegation. And then, the false allegation (as it began to become apparent to be just hours after the initial reports) was elaborated on and politicized for days afterward both by MSM and News Commentary even offering Smollet a platform to expound on his “ordeal” without challenging a word of his story. It was a disgustingly incompetent and dishonest display of biased partisan journalism.


If they can kill off main characters periodically and without warning on Game of Thrones, surely they can figure out how to get rid of a supporting character on a podunk TV Series like Empire. :wink:


Spacey was not convicted of anything. His firing was based solely on credible allegations.


Yeah, that’s so much worse than filing a false crime report about a racist attack that was scripted by the “victim.” :roll_eyes:


Wow! Did you just demand that a Mod stop posting? :flushed:


I really hope you are kidding. Lol


Credible. Oh really? When was that adjudicated prior to his firing?



Thank you.