Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


At great personal risk of accusations.

Spacy and Barr white . . . terminated

Smollett black . . . well we gotta wait and see how things come out.

also spacy has been criminally charged was well.


Was she charged with an crime?


What does it matter exactly how these things play out? They did. You can debate the ins and outs of this stuff forever. Separate situations. The Smullet thing is still in the works. He’s been pulled off the show. Save your outrage for when (if) they bring him back.


Just trying to see if what she did is worse than actually being charged with a crime.

apprently in your eye’s all
the same.


I do. She should be free to be a bigot. I only want to watch the character she portrays. I dont care about her personal views. Not my business. I also dont care how Taylor Swift feels or Ted Nugent. All I want is to hear them sing a song.


Three completely different companies with completely different people making decisions. What do ABC and Showtime executives have to do with FOX?


More power to them in making their own decisions,

and nice deflection from you answering the question of is it all the same in your eye’s (saying something that doesn’t violate any laws, no charges filed – compared to charges filed against people for possibly breaking an actual law).


Stop it please. You are better than that. Isaiah Washington was fired basically on the spot.


I I think Barr was an idiot for what she posted, and an even bigger idiot for trying to blame it on sleeping pills. I also think Smollett is a much larger idiot for false accusations of a racist attack due to the fact that he accused others of breaking a law (apparently not), and won’t stand up and say yea, my bad I really shouldn’t have done this.

But in your eye’s apparently, Rosanne is much worse.


I keep asking, but you won’t say if being accused of actually breaking a law is worse than just saying something hurtfull.

You keep deflecting . . usually there is a reason for the deflection instead of answering.

So, I’ll ask again.

Are they equal in your opinion (what Barr did Vs Smollett)?


Absolutely. Either we live in a free country or we dont. I would rather know who the haters are and let all the world see them for who they are.

And before you get all righteous, the Antifa group is as big a group of haters as I can think of. I also would not support anyone trying to silence them.

Freedom and Liberty have a cost.


No one wants to hear Ted Nugent sing.


Now do you think it’s worse to say something hateful, or wrongly accuse someone of making hatefull comments and actaions?

Was a little slow in editing this question into the one you responded to.

What’s worse in your opinion?


I would disagree. If you’ve pulled a person to sit and watch countless hours of video from businesses and such, that person isn’t available for something else, or isn’t working on another case. The detectives that arrested the two suspects and interviewed them, same thing.


Take it up with the Chicago Police Superintendent.


So he thinks that every officer involved in the case was just sitting around with absolutely nothing to do.

Like I said, I disagree with his thought that no was was divered from other things for the case.


Like I said.


What’s being pointed out is that the story was initially run as FACT – and by more than just one or two outlets. (Just like the Covington student issue.) In fact, it was by most outlets.

It wasn’t known as fact at all.


It’s his “participation” award.


tims past has nothing to do with my point which still stands