Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


This is a weird comment in a thread about a guy who literally set himself up to be a victim for profit and who continues to prey upon the silly-minded in further attempts to keep his butt out of jail.

More liberal gaslighting.


“cons” are only pointing out how hypocritical and widespread such leftist hoax victimization is and how the pathetic media deals with such obvious hoaxers


Wait . . .

Who was it that apparently may have sent themselves a racist letter.

Wait who was it that thought it didn’t get enough attention so he stepped up his game.

Unless you are calling him a con . . . . .


Remember the “runaway bride” story that made headlines like 10-15 years ago? She blamed it on a Hispanic man. Don’t remember if she got any time. You know, white privilege and all.

I heard whites are pretty much just as likely to report false crimes against minorities as other minorities are against whites. And minorities are about 7 times more likely to get falsely convicted.


His IMDB profile does not prove that people support his lying, setup and execution of a staged hate crime.

And funny you should bring up Tim Allen. Did you know he is a convicted drug dealer who spent time in prison? I like Tim Allen though. I’ve done work on Last Man Standing.


On a side note, this is going to make for an amazing movie one day when everything is settled.


If it gets any crazier, it might have to be a mini series.


Look at all the support he’s getting.


The story was reported as it was known.


only the remainder of the season??

So they are saying he could be back next season then?


Where did they say that? Where’s the announcement that there is a season 6?


There’s more than a handful, but it does undercut your argument.


Looks like they’re waiting for the outcome of the investigation. Innocent until proven guilty.


So far we have covington falsely blamed becuase rhey wore MAGA hata. And this story where a crime was falsely blamed on MAGA hat wearing guys.
I would say liberals are having a harder time finding racism and resort to lying.


There are quite a few stories out there like that. They will however be ignored. Cuz Liberals!!


Then why write him out of this season?


There were suggestions early on that it already did.


I’m missing your point. I would guess that if he’s convicted, he’ll be gone permanently. Somewhat like what happened with Kevin Spacey. It’s not that hard to figure.


Was Rosanne Barr convicted of anything?


Was Kevin Spacey?