Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


You better hope he thinks you were kidding.


The show producers found the allegations credible. That’s all that they needed to fire him. The allegations against Smollet are credible too, certainly credible enough to justify firing him (per recent industry standards.)


That was a single solitary interview. One. Uno. So what?


From your post. “Some on the set and in Hollywood.” Shall we talk about all the wild-eyed crazies supporting Trump?


There was no question with Barr from day one what she said. There was with Smollett. Not making excuses. It’s the way it came down. And that support is crumbling.


They did. They reported the facts that were known. They aren’t mindreaders and either is anyone on this board.


a defining interview

just becuse it is singular doesnt mean it can be dismissed.


Show me that every SINGLE SOLITARY NEWS REPORT from real media was not factually accurate as the facts were known at that time when the story first hit. And notice I said factually accurate as the facts were known – not guessed at – by pundits and posters on an internet message board.


no we shant. because they (where ever they are) are not the issuse here


they all jumped at the chance to use this for their “red hat = racist” narrative

we have eyes ya know


In my history here, mods as posters are “honored guests.” Mods as mods are a different story.


the more i hear about this the more stunned i am

he’s a freak that dude

he genuinely needs help


Nice goalposts moves.


Your creating a narriative that wasn’t written by the reporter and is only in your imaginations.


That I will agree with.


when you run out of ways (or give up attempts) to defend smollett/media do you just blurt out “goalposts” now?

john wayne, or “trump crazies” (who ever that is) are not pertinent to smollett’s crimes and sickness. nor are they to the uncredible disgraceful press.


“this is America in 2019”

: (

right. all our imaginations



Yes that I agree with


It must be hard these days to find actual racism. If a prominent liberal actor resorts to making it up. The media then follows along with no question. As long as it paints MAGA hat trump supporters as the bad people, then the story can be told over abd over until believed to be true.


Don’t be silly.