Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Yeah, but he could have done that without the MAGA bit.


He wanted to paint himself as the victim of a racist attack.

In 2019 MAGA is the same as a cross burning or swastika to many on the left.


He’s in more trouble than that.
His accomplices are telling the feds he had them send that letter with terroristic threats.


Based on the initial report, red hats, MAGA country, noose around the neck, ■■■■■■■ Stevie Wonder could have seen this was bull ■■■■■


Maybe being an actor it all made more sense and was easier to him. It’s hard for me to think how someone could do this, but he was an actor and he created his own short biopic in which he was the star (Sounds odd I know) regardless it’s still hard to get passed the paying for someone to beat you up part.


Why are you baffled? He’s a liberal.


Yep. Cons would never tell a lie or fake a crime…


Yeah but as you see, it didnt take liberals no time to make this thread


Someone wrote - ‘this is what happens when demand for racism exceeds the supply’


Does anyone have contact data for the Osundairo brothers?

The brothers, identified by Schmidt as Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo and Olabinjo Osundairo, are of Nigerian descent. But they told a reporter at CBS2-Chicago that they were “born and raised in Chicago and are American citizens.”

They are bodybuilders who have developed an online following and have dabbled in acting and at least one failed business venture, according to social media posts and news reports.

Abimbola Osundairo, 25, graduated from Lake View High School in Chicago, where he participated in football, track and field, soccer, and wrestling, before joining the football team at Quincy University in western Illinois, according to a football profile on the university’s website. Olabinjo Osundairo, 27, also was on the Quincy football team and had attended Latmos Comprehensive College in Lagos, Nigeria, according to his football profile.

I have some official MAGA hats and gear to send them. They shouldn’t have to use a plain red hat.

Thanks in advance…



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I have heard that saying, in a slightly different way before by a conservative writer I folllow in London. “There is a strong demand for Nazi’s among the left, thankfully there is a supply problem”. Something like that :slight_smile:


The guy seems to have made a very bad decision that will cost him big. He will likely lose his job and face the possibility of prison time.


And now that the investigation is public and the facts are known no one is defending Smollett or making excuses for his actions.


That conservative writer in London ought to know better than to misuse apostrophes but otherwise I like it :slight_smile:




Hate crime hoax…

Remember the hoax about Jewish graves being vandalized by Trump supporters…


No we didnt…Mentioned it in post two of this very thread. …Good try though.


Many on the left have a tendency to lionize victims that suit their narrative, it’s really no wonder this clown thought he could cash in on that grievance mentality.


This young actor tells the left what they wanted to hear…and they yelled that lie in papers, the radio, the television, social media…news stations…one could say it was yelled from the rooftops. The left was duped. A high school kid, wearing a MAGA hat, standing alone, waiting for a bus to take him home…gets accosted by a native American beating his native drum right in his face. The media tells the left what they want to hear, that it’s this young boy who is actually the racist and the left buys into it hook, line and sinker. They were duped. I believe it’s time for a new word to describe all those who are so easily being duped…they’re dupid.