Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Or how about that one crazy guy who claimed in rather explicit detail that illegal human traffickers were binding women with duct tape and crossing the border?

oh wait


Yes, that’s a good word. Like for example, anyone who believes Mexico will pay for the wall, or that North Korea is denuclearizing, or that virtually every single person in the Trump administration had a perfectly good reason for lying about their Russian contacts. Dupid indeed.


Interesting I was just reading this fruitcake was getting paid 65K and episode. You would think you would be happy living the dream without the need for something like this.


Some unknown right-wing source disses journalism. That’s not news.


How were they supposed to know? Or were they supposed to guess like the fake right-wing media does?


Yes they do. But you’re using a general example. Nobody knew for real he was faking when the story first broke. Oh I’m sure some internet wags thought he might be. But there was no proof. And the real media isn’t going to report that unless there’s proof. When it became apparent and the police issued statements, the media reported. That’s how the real media works.


Which you had every right to do. But people (some in this thread) are saying why didn’t the media know from the start? They couldn’t know and either could anyone else until the facts were in.


Jussie Smollett is an idiot. He reminds me of Ryan Lochte.


And that’s the thing. I’ll see if I can find the CNN Opinion on piece on what’s wrong with the media and politicians. They won’t wait to try and verify things on their own, they are in a rush to be the first one’s out with information (media) and the first one’s to make a comment (politicians) on what’s being reported.

Back before the 24/7 media you essentially got the bulk of your news once a day on the evening news. Networks would get tips or that, and spend at least a day (in most all cases) trying to the best information, the best confirmation, and the best facts before hitting the air.

I seriously hope the MAGA hat wearing kid gets the media that didn’t do any fact checking, or information gathering on his ordeal. If he gets a win, more people will start holding the media accountable, and it will become more reliable.

Hopefully someone along the line will hit a politician with the same kind of lawsuit and win as well.


Yeah, show me who who dissed the media. Let’s see if he’s ever worked a news story. They don’t ALL not verify stories. Verifying a story is one of the cardinal rules in writing stories. I’ve had to go back and confirm things for stories I’ve written. Have things changed in recent years. Yes. You’d laugh how some of the people my age who have been in the media discuss this. But the cardinal rules of journalism never change and they never will, even with 24 hour news or the internet. Mistakes happen sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that’s the way it’s meant to be.


I know you were not watch this, but here is a good perspective from Tucker Carlson about fake hate crimes initiated and perpetuated by liberals.


correct it’s not news. it’s actual footage.


Trump is seriously attacking the illegal immigration problem and is the ONLY President EVER…to do so. I agree that Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall but…I also believe that the savings from illegal immigrants not being here will save us the cost of the wall, every year there after. Next month, Trump is meeting with Kim again to attempt to find the common ground necessary to denuclearize. Will he? Probably not but that is the goal still…going into this meeting. If you think that what you pointed out is the same thing, then unfortunately that’s an example of dupid…and that’s baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad.


Just look at his face. Way to nice to have been beat up by two full grown men…

He would have looked more like this…



an idiot for sure. but leftist hero


I was just reading he will still be a part of the tv show Empire, interesting if true.


not surprised. hollywood is nothing but deranged leftists. they are probably proud of him


Hollywood is nothing but deranged leftists, huh? Actually, the deranged were conservatives like John Wayne who was a racist and homophobic to boot.

Check out his 1971 Playboy interview. Is the right proud of him? Are you?


this doesnt have anything to do with the long dead actor from decades ago.

latimes, being the leftist rag that it is, is naturally going to comb through hollywood history to pull down another statue in attempts to offset this nutball.

doesnt change his deranged scam and the sickness he has


Who says he’s a hero besides you? I’ve seen nothing but condemnation from Democrats.