Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


I never thought I’d live to see the day a black man pays other black men money to lynch him. Buying oppression. This is Trumps America.
Smollett didn’t even bother to hire Americans for the job. He outsources to Nigerians.


Just read that a threatening letter with a white powder (proven to be aspirin) was mailed to Smollett at Empire a week before the “attack”.
If Smollett sent it (you can bet he did), this will turn into a federal offense.


Yes, this was his appetizer to the “attempted lynching” main course.


He’s a minor TV star and its been rumored that his character was being written off the show.

He was trying to jumpstart his career path. Look at all the positive press he got when all the suckers in the media and leftwing fell for his story. He was going to be able to basically write his ticket to his next role whatever that may be.


He may do just that- a role as a federal convict.


I can’t find dots to connect that lead to the bolded part in the middle of everything else you said.

If anything, this is TDS with a spotlight on it.


LOLOLOL now he is in deep water because he is a LIAR. FAKE news. Just like all the Demonicrat/Socialists, LIARS.

The only ones committing crimes and beating people up and threatening people in this country, since the campaigns and after is the Resistance, the Left.


Ya that’s what I’m getting at, who would do that. Did you see his friends they were huge. They looked like they could drink a beer with one hand while strangling you out with the other and he paid them to beat him up. Crazy people in this world.


He should have hired American. Sad he didn’t have 2 white friends he could have employed. Makes more sense to hire the same ethnicity you are going to accuse. This knucklehead needs to be added to that dumbest criminals list. The manager listening to the attack over the cell phone must have heard the Nigerian accent when they shouted this is MAGA country. lol


Hate crime hoax… There will be lots of them this cycle.


And Rush is right… The Mueller investigation is a hate crime against Trump…


Now Smollett is being written out of Empire over this.

While most of his celebrity supporters are openly angry with him now or just staying silent a few are refusing to give up on him though saying that the Chicago PD is framing him.


Zonulet is a Trump supporter, if I remember correctly.

You might be misinterpreting.


It happens.

People defended Bill Cosby, all the way to the end.


I might be. So much TDS around here. For someone I don’t know well, odds are good that assuming TDS is the safer guess when something isn’t clear. Certainly guesses can be wrong. Hope he clarifies for me so I can make amends if I guessed wrong.


Hilarious that he was $500.00 short.


I did not vote for Trump. I am not a super fan. I will vote for him in 2020 given the current field.


I just wonder what this guy’s end game was. Was it to show Trump and his supporters in a bad light? Was he hoping for media attention while also hoping the police didn’t take it too seriously? This guy’s thought process has me baffled.


he’s in a lot of trouble. the police are seeking his surrender and he has been indicted.


People make false reports to the police all the time painting themselves as a victim. They do it because they then get hero worship from their friends: “Your so brave”, “I don’t know if I could have fought them off like you did”, etc, etc. I’m sure this was part of it for him. Plus its rumored that he knew his role on Empire was being reduced so this was an ill thought idea to help jump start the next phase of his career - it worked briefly as his name was everywhere and people were falling all over themselves to support him.