Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Just because the right jumped the gun and assumed he was faking – with zero evidence to back it up – doesn’t make them smart. On the other hand – because I know someone will bring it up – those of us who think Trump is a crook have a lot of evidence to go on.


It was not fake news. The media was reporting the story in the way that Smollett reported it to the police. Now if the media ignored these new developments and continued just reporting on what they knew originally I would agree it was fake news.

The right is really no better with stories, just take a look at the crap Briebart peddles.

People seem to think there was some golden age when newspapers and by extension the rest of the news media had no political leanings.


This alt left guy Jussie is so privileged, he had to hire someone to oppress him.


Libs Samm…Libs. :wink:


All you needed to know was the time and temperature it was said to take place in…


Lucas knew it was fake day one… (44 sec’s in). Media should have too. Who’s out in 5 degree weather at 2 am looking for Democrats to abuse? Not to mention why would a Trump supporter even know who this guy is… They don’t watch that show…


It seemed like a nonsense story from the very beginning. Like I was saying earlier - two white Trump supporters hanging out in sub-arctic temperatures of Chicago at 2 in the morning with a bottle of bleach and a rope - and seem to know some minor actor from a TV show that doesn’t exactly cater to Trump supporters ? On top of that, Chicago is “MAGA country” ? :grin:


It’s called reporting facts. The real media wouldn’t say it’s fake unless they had the facts. Unlike a certain “we report you decide” cable “news” station.


The investigation must be completely removed from the hands of the Chicago Political Mafia headed by Rahm Emanuel. The FBI is already investigating the threatening letter allegedly sent to Jussie. That is most likely part of the ruse. Hopefully non corrupt FBI personnel will effectively deal with this “federal hate crime”. Let Jussie lie to the FBI. He can refuse to speak with the FBI on behalf of his own victimization preferring to tearfully chat exclusively with Robin Roberts from GMA . Either way he is annihilated.


That’s garbage. The (so called real media) NY Times has had to print multiple retractions because they jumped the gun and reported incorrectly.


And the manager never bothered to call the police when he heard the assault in action?

My personal favorite is the neighbor claiming to have seen a “redneck” with a rope even when the description of the “redneck” did not match Smollett’s description of his attackers. The neighbor must have been watching re-runs of the Pace Picante Sauce commercials.

So many want their 5 minutes.


If you truly believe that then there is nothing for us to discuss. That’s why i could not understand you trying to bring context into this discussion. His statement regarding hate crime charges and when they should be prosecuted are there for everyone to see. I’ll let them pass judgment.


And so you should. Your disconnect is quite puzzling.


There is an “or” there…


And this is why the right is so cautious in calling things fake news, they want to retain their credibility when they do say it so people take them seriously.

What a joke.


Not all of the right did.

There were many like me that when first reported the first thought was “Oh great, a couple of ■■■■■■■ idiots that will be used to make it out that all Trump supporters/right wingers are like this.”

THEN as the narrative changed, we started to make assumptions. Wait, why didn’t he tell the cops in his first interview what he told the media (as in waiting to tell the cops that info in the follow up interview). Wait, why would someone continue to wear a noose around their next for 45 minutes until the cops show up? Wait, why is there no video of anyone in the area. Wait, why is there video of him without the noose, then less than a minute later with him a short distance away with it on.


Still having a hard time comprehending why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for someone to beat them up.


I can only imagine there are mental health issues involved.


I am hoping they are, I know that’s a mean thing to say but this sounds like something you would see hatched up in a movie.


I can’t think of a rational justification.