Black actor beaten and almost lynched by mask wearing thugs


Perhaps. Perhaps you are making judgments and perhaps you too don’t understand the point i am trying to make .


You are right.


I did indeed and my point stands - you don’t get to pick and choose hate crime based on the egregiousness of the act. It is either a thought crime or is not.


@DougBH understood exactly what i was trying to say. Sorry if it got confusing.


LOL 10char


And now we’ve hit on the second longest myth.


The label “hate crime” came out of the “Jussie” camp. Yet you accused WR of endorsing “thought crime” because he suggested that the penalty for filing a false claim of being a victim of a “hate crime,” should be the same as having committed that crime. Nothing he posted even remotely suggested that he believes in criminalizing thought.


Not a myth. Do your homework.


I have. That’s why I know it’s a myth.

You aren’t one of those guys that believes every random thing that you read on the internet?


Just … stop it. Stop before I speak a truth that will end up getting me a time out.


Are you sure you followed the thread correctly?


umm ok


Why do you think everything someone posts that you disagree with came via the Internet ( or FOX News)? Did you hear that on NSNBC or CNN?


Yes, absolutely.


this is a good article showing what a disgrace ABC “news” is. note especially how she (Roberts) asked questions to build the lefty narrative instead of being a journslist, which she is absolutely nothing even close


So do you believe that the bolded part was dealing with false report or hate crime in general. I am just trying to the the bottom of the disconnect here


I can tell the difference between reality and internet conspiracies. It’s garnered from many years of experience.


Nah i am more concerned on liberals making stuff up about people wearing MAGA hats. This thread is prime example on how far many will go to paint an image of trump supporters


I hope he gets at least a few months… He’s so mindlessly selfish he tried to divide the nation even more for his career… Also, you’ll need a lot of proof in the future when a liberal cries attack by a person in a MAGA hat.

A lot like the MAGA kids story…


and notice the right knew it was fake news from the beginning and the media and most leftist accepted it immediately. Just like Russian collusion…