Bill Maher and Mike Cernovich actually agree

Bill Maher and Mike Cernovich don’t agree on very much, but both agree that China has been eating our lunch.

Maher calls Americans a “silly people” that are losing the battle for the 21st Century . He uses the famous line from Lawrence of Arabia to prove the point that Americans – intent on “staying a bunch of squabbling tribes” – will “remain a silly people.”

Cernovich says basically the same thing, but he goes a step further and believes that the US is already a vassal state of China because of American stupidity and corruption of institutions including the military.

Here are some of Cernovich’s major points:

The military’s attack on Carlson breaks the basic rule of civilian control.

The military has been under control of the Democratic Party for many years; the only thing generals know is how to do is make Powerpoints.

The US has become a vasal state of China, but that is better than fighting a war given the stupidity and incompetence of the military.

Gulags have already started; prepare for your sentence. Protestors at the Jan 6 protests are being held without trial, and their time waiting for trial exceeds a likely sentence for misdemeanor offenses that are charged with. Be thankful they are American gulags not Chinese or Soviet.

WARNING: both videos contain R-rated language.

Is already too late for the US to avoid being vassal state of China?

Lol Mike Cernovich.


This part is hilarious. How far we have become where the military is now “under democratic control”

Look at what has happened just in the last two and half months.

Democrats have erected a wall around the capitol with national guard troops keeping the American people out.

The military used an official account to launch a political attack against Tucker Carlson.

A Democrat representative used the national guard from his district as a prop in the Capitol.

The capital has all the trappings of a military coup from the left.

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Really now

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Come back after you watch the videos.

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Weren’t they bringing her cookies?


When hyperbole fails and the fainting couch has lost its bounce, when hysteria is ignored and histrionics are just not enough, turn to melodrama


Hey Umm so the Umm Manchurian candidate was a movie!!

I can’t stand Bill Maher never have never will

And what happened at the Capital that caused the wall to be built? And who was behind that? Which party? Or did the wall just go up for the hell of it?

Three words “gulf of Tonkin.”

How bout “remember the Maine”

Since we are bringing up ancient history.


As my lifetime continues, it’s almost like a ship sailing through a sea of insanity. I can see all that’s going on around me and am throwing life preservers out to all I can, while removing every possible way for this craziness to board.

Two smarmy pompous ■■■■ gibbons have moment of ■■■■ gibbon agreement.


Yes, Amerricans, in the narrow sense, are silly. But, because they always have been, not because they’re becoming so.


Americans haven’t been seriously challenged since WWI, the Great Depression or WWII. When things are at there worst, people are at their best and today is nothing more than a reflection of just how easy it’s been for such a long time…that “we” are presently at our worst.

Yep. That’s the CCP line.

This is a right wing myth.

Sure. And John the Baptist was a pederast, if writing random nonsense is the way you want to go.