Biden's violent crime plan

A couple of quick questions. I would ask that you don’t cherry pick. Please take a crack at several or all of them. “I don’t know” is an acceptable reply. It would also be great if we refrained from the “gotcha” games we usually play. Let’s look for solutions here, shall we? Thanks!

  1. Is there any evidence that expanded background checks will do anything? How many gun crimes have you heard of that would have been prevented through a better background check? Are the goons in the hood passing current background checks?

  2. Pistols are what is killing nearly all inner city blacks. AR-15’s are mostly nowhere to be found. Why should the focus be on weapons used in such a tiny percentage of shootings? How do we have a real impact?

  3. Are there any failing liberal policies in the inner cities that need to be addressed?

  4. What gun control policies should be enacted that respect the 2nd amendment and will have an actual impact?

  5. Are we enforcing current gun laws effectivity? Or are we sending the offenders back to the hood to soon to victimize again?

  6. What should Biden do and why?

Context for those interested.

President Joe Biden will outline several actions on Wednesday that his administration is taking to curb the recent rise in violent crime and gun violence, ahead of a summer that experts worry could be especially deadly.

Among them are tougher enforcement policies for federal gun control laws and new guidelines to help cities and states make better use of federal Covid relief funding to combat gun violence, including by hiring police officers.

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Context is not needed for an opinion. I asked for yours. Will you offer one?

Your thread references Biden’s proposed violent crime plan. I provided background information on said plan for those interested. A “Thanks” would have sufficed.

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Okay thanks.

But I did ask YOUR opinion on several specific questions. Would you be so kind as to offer YOUR opinion on a few of them? I didn’t ask for Biden’s opinion, I can get that from Jen. Thank’s in advance.

Don’t forget the snitch on your family and friends if they seem to be “progressing to extremism” plan.


I guess you will not be offering a reply to any of my six questions?

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87 views and not a single wokie has been able to offer an independent thought or opinion. Somebody wake the wokies!

  1. No

  2. It evokes emotion. Don’t think pistols aren’t on the list. Makes as much sense as banning Lamborguinis to stop airplane accidents.

  3. Public education.

  4. None.

  5. No.

  6. Go to a home.

And there you have it libs. An actual reply to questions without waiting to be told what to say IS possible.


How would there be any evidence. It hasn’t been done yet.


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Post of the year

Context is not needed for an opinion has to be the motto of some posters here. This is gold.


You look at the gun crimes commited by legal firearm buyers. Then you establish what was missed in the background checks that led to the crime. This is probably already compiled by the FBI. The answer is no doubt already available.

Hint: Legal gun owners are among the most peaceful people in the world.

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Thank you. Remember when I asked that we don’t turn this into a game of gotcha? With that, I await your opinion on some of the questions I posed. Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you can provide a link for the evidence then.


Well hang on i have to read the context.

How many pistols were used in the Las Vegas mass shooting?


Don’t be rude. You don’t get to totally ignore all the original questions and substitute one of your own first. I will reply after you give your opinion on one of the thread questions.

Fair enough?

In the mean time.

1. Are we enforcing current gun laws effectivity? Or are we sending the offenders back to the hood to soon to victimize again?