Say it ain't so! Joe paid the ho?

The FBI has a lot of hard drives. The simply act of possession of a hard drive literally tells us nothing.

Should we look deeper to find out if there is any truth to it?

Again, my memory is different in that thread. It was not limited to the possible age of a person involved.
No one is asking you to look it up if you remember differently.

The President admits that the FBI has a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden? I would like to see that cited somewhere.

I know there is a rumor that the FBI has a laptop that Giuliani (whose license in NY is now suspended) SAID was HB’s.

I learned a few years back that consenting sex, even paid, is none of our business and only is worthy of concern if it happens DURING the presidency. So Hunter is totally in the clear to run in 2024.

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What is there to investigate? Even if true (and I have doubts) president Biden had no knowledge of the transaction.

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The FBI is corrupt and can’t be trust, remember? So who should “we” trust to investigate? Maybe some cyber ninjas or something?

Yeah, maybe you should track down the unnamed Secret Service guy

Well, unless he runs in 2024 because what a person does before the campaign is immaterial. New rules.

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According to the President, one of the hard drives they have is misinformation planted by the Russians to make him look bad. Do you believe this based on Biden’s word alone? Or do we need confirmation from the FBI who has chosen to stay silent?

Maybe we should see how Keith Ablow got his hands on one of those laptops.

Like… how many laptops does Hunter Biden Have?


I vote for John Solomon.

We KNOW he’s trustworthy…


Mirth aside, I love this new mantra that all we need to do is throw any rumor we want out there, and it MUST be investigated merely because it was thrown out there.


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We don’t need, nor are we owed, confirmation of Rudy Giuliani-based gossip.

He’s the same unnamed guy that the dems used to impeach President Trump. Do we not like unnamed guys anymore?


I agree. Don’t ask Rudy. Tell the FBI to come clean. If the hard drive is a forgery, they already know it.

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I didn’t bring up Gaetz, @altair1013 , so why didn’t you condemn the person who did when they did?

I did, here:

4 times now, you have ignored the following comment from your article in the OP:

It’s not known if any of the accounts used were linked to Mr Biden.

Yet your thread is built on the premise that this is a known fact. Please explain.

Like… ask the FBI to tell us if the one they have is a forgery. They already know the answer.

You want the FBI to “come clean” about Rudy Giuliani gossip. Demanding they “come clean” is just political blubbering. They don’t answer to your beck and call.

Yes yes, we all know. “Their silence means this is a cover up.” Or, they have better things to do than legitimize Rudy Giuliani’s gossip.

They do have a hard drive that the President claims is fake. How would you prefer this be confirmed?

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Even if the FBI came out and said it was fake, the New Right would claim they were covering up.

They wouldn’t just suddenly say…you wouldn’t just suddenly say “Thanks FBI. I recant everything I’ve posted on the topic now”.

So please don’t pretend you’ll accept anything other than confirmation of what you already have decided to believe.

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