Biden's new super spreader

They are outside.

Yes… the tortoise won… Hispanics vote gop after a generation or even less.

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Buses leaving Texas border town packed with illegal migrants (


Planeloads of Illegal Immigrant Minors Relocated Around U.S. in Middle of the Night | Judicial Watch


not if they get enough to get dc, puerto rico. end the filibuster, pack the court…

lefto-fascist eutopia

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I love it!!!

I knew you would fine some lame reason to say this is a good thing.


If and when these things start happening. Actually start happening and not being blathered on about by obnoxious leftists and boogeyman righties then I’ll climb the barricades with you.

I am only saying what you already said.

Good lord man. Get a life. You need a vacation. Who’s got time to dig up a thread from months ago? Find a beach somewhere and take some time off.

BTW, I already know my opinion. I was asking for yours. So there’s that.

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the only two things standing between all that and us right now are manchin and sinema.

Given how much time we waste on here this is a strange take. Perfectly well time spent.

I agree with you. That’s why i pointed out that they are outside.

Some of that. I can see the filibuster falling without them for sure. The rest not so much.

Are you willing to point out that this is a a horribly inhumane and chaotic system?

i think that’s the problem they are dealing with, due to lack of enthusiasm, horrible visions and policies…

Yea burecracy in the fast of overwhelming demand caused by lack of planning and stupidity creates an i humane and chaotic system.

That’s not up for debate.

The super spreader event dig … is however.

If that were true they lose the special election in January in Georgia. They didn’t.

the first order of business without the filibuster will be dc and pr statehood ensuring a dem senate majority far into the future. 15 scotus judges would be item 2, can’t have pesky black robed tyrants standing in the way of progress because of some old parchment. nothing more than a relic of a past age. a museum oddity


Okay. Agreeing that Biden has created an immigration nightmare is a start. What should he do to fix it?

i’m not so sure

but i know “most secure election in history”

I disagree i think it it would be more overwhelming spending and creation of universal healthcare without it being properly thought out. The rest is boogyeman stuff imo.

There is no calls of fraud in the January election. That’s why i cited it.