Biden's new super spreader

So now we have Biden cramming unvaccinated 1000 invaders like sardines under a bridge. Really? Their housing is a bridge? If your news sources have ignored this story then, you’re welcome. This is terribly inhumane. To me, this is worse than the Obama cages. What about you?

Watch: 1,000 illegal migrants gather under Texas bridge — Patriots Gazette


how else would democrats win elections (besides all the rigging)?


I’m sure they don’t mind.

After all, what they are claiming asylum from (what is that again?) is apparently worth the temporary inconvenience before they get taxpayer funded transportation, food, housing and can decline a COVID vaccine which is also “free”.


Having bigger turnout of legal voters.

What do you think of this Biden super spreader? You like?

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They won’t be there long. They’ll be shipped throughout the US taking this super spreader and exacerbating it even more of a super spreader on uninfected American citizens. Do you think the MSM will acknowledge this? Nope. How about on social media? I’ll wager it’s censored as “misinformation”. How about our Democrat party, will they acknowledge this absolute disaster at the border and then the secret spreading of these illegal immigrants across the US? Nope. They’d rather talk about Rs not wearing masks in the House chambers or little children being vaccinated?

My gosh people…what in the hell is going on and do you care?


How are illegal immigrants being shipped across America?

If they are truly illegal… why aren’t they sent back or in jail?

Legal immigrants would be kept in the United States and potentially shipped to other parts of the country.

Folks escaping the conditions they left only to vote again for them?

Might just backfire in the long run.

Well, they could try Fear Of The Other to scare up votes, but The New Right has that sewn up.

Along with the “Unvaccinated people are being treated just as badly as black people during Jim Crow” Victimhood Narrative.

That’s why they are often not. That’s why this whole “shipping in voters” is nonsensical. It may be true short term but long term it’s nonsense.

Deer in the headlight syndrome.

It’s funny how this Narrative stays strong even though 2020 ought to have disabused them of such a notion.

But Fear Of The Other who will Destroy The “True American” Way Of Life runs strong and deep…

Where there is no evidence of something you guys call it secret….

It’s an issue. That it is the issue is nothing but more imagination.

Maybe the short term is what matters most?

Why though? The gop will control all three branches at one point or another over the next decades. Short term is irrelevant in the grander scheme.

If one needed to provide evidence all the time, that would be inconvenient.

I’ll try again.

What do you think of this Biden super spreader event? You like?

What do you think of this Biden super spreader? You like?

How else can one always act like a victim?

What comes to mind is the tortoise and the hare scenario.