Biden's gaffes pile up, worrying some supporters

Will Biden’s gaffes make him unelectable? Is the bar set higher for him than Trump?

As the debates tighten up, I am one to think that Biden will start losing support. He doesn’t sound sharp. He is not exciting. Biden is leading polls right now based solely on name recognition.

Of course the bar is set higher. With Trump, one just lays the bar on the floor.


Biden’s gaffes are representative of Biden and his ability to function. The sad news is…he’s still the best lib candidate according to libs. :sunglasses:


It is sad to watch, he doesn’t sound sharp is understatement. He sounds someone with the early stage of alzheimer’s.

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Biden will gaffe himself out of the race.
There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t stick his foot in his mouth.
I’ll be surprised if he lasts until Iowa.

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I think so, not just for Biden but anyone. Everyone recognizes Donald for what he is, and expect him to behave as he does. Fair or not, no one else is afforded that luxury.

Biden/Beto…the winning combo…amirite? :sunglasses:

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I agree. It would be sad if he won and had to enter a nursing home in mid term huh?

Beto was going to be the arm flapping miracle boy- all because he lost a Senate race.

Its what they’ve been told by CEC. They don’t know any better.

Anytime a Trump worshipper adds a “according to libs” to a conversation, you can immediately tell that the CEC has helped form their opinion. I would say its sad, but the President is the same way.



I see the polls. I see who is leading. But, since I am a “lib”, I also know what other liberals are thinking and wanting. So, as much as Trump worshippers will cling to these early polls, liberals know that a few more debates, things will begin to shake out further. Biden will not be there. But hey, early polls had Cruz and Kasich and Bush leading. See how things didn’t work out that way?

As for turning into a Trumpster, nah. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to defend a disgusting creature 24/7.


Part of me thinks it may be early alzheimer’s and part of me thinks Biden is just that stupid.

After all the so called “gaffes” have been going on for decades.

I’m pretty sure Joe knows there no country “Nambia”

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Trump supporters apparently have a very low tolerance level for someone spewing nonsense and making mistakes. Almost as low as their tolerance level for someone launching insults and name-calling - and they’re really strict about that one :wink: :smile:


Are gaffes an indicator of a person’s ability “to function” in your opinion?

I don’t say this lightly or as an insult my grandmother went down this way. It started off slowly saying odd things, then it went to memory loss in which her long term memory was there but she would forget things that happened the same day, after that she went downhill fast.

Doing this in retaliation for people questioning Trumps mental state is not a good look.

This isn’t about you. :sunglasses:

Trump defiantly checks most of the checkboxes of someone who has ASPD.

The closer the investigation in to all of the Obama scandals come to an end it will only get worse.