Biden wants to raise taxes again

You do know the difference between laughing and being pissy right? Well, maybe you don’t…


I gave you a likely reason. That’s it.

How do you know? Do you keep close track like I do?

No you didn’t, you commented on how much I ate:

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Now there is an outright falsehood. :smile: :smile: :smile:


I do the same as you. I buy the higher end stuff. But being that it’s always expensive, you might not notice the rise. Grass fed beef by me went up from 6 dollars a pound to 7.50 a pound. That’s not much to me. But I think that’s 25% unless my math is wrong.

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Focus this is a thread about biden. Leave your tds at the door. There are plenty of threads to about trump to go to. I knew it is hard to defend your failure of a President.

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Focus on the thread topic biden raising tax’s.


If he gets a 2nd term…

Biden raising taxes and causing inflation to explode during his term.

The things they don’t want to talk about.

Lying out their jack ass* :wink:


And I still submit that you have no clue about how much you have spent on groceries over the years.


Maybe you aren’t familiar but there are literal apps that track spending.

So what?

I use one. So yes I know what I spend. All the way back to 2014….

Sure you do …

Lol, I am guessing you don’t do the shopping. Post your grocery receipt. I bet we can show you how much it would have been 2 years ago.

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Trump cut taxes and raised tax revenue during his first term.

He pledged to do the same on Saturday in Wildwood NJ.

People on food stamps don’t track anything but the refill date. :wink:


My wife does most of the shopping. I only get a few things from time to time, so I don’t notice the difference. I notice the 25% uptick in ground beef because that’s what I usually buy.

What I do notice is the rise in things I am charged with purchasing. The electric chainsaw I bought a year and a half ago for 160 bucks, is now 330 bucks. I did get 20% off. The large 44" blade ride on mower I got back in 2019 for 1100 bucks I don’t even see for sale anymore. Smaller ones at Lowes are now 2000-2500 bucks. Neither item would I purchase at the prices they are today. Simply not worth it.

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