Biden wants to raise taxes again

The Biden admin’s new budget would raise taxes. But history shows raising taxes only increases the debt and deficit in the long run. They raised taxes when Biden was installed and the debt and deficit is higher than ever. Seems they just use tax hikes to be able to borrow more.

But there is no proof raising taxes lowers the debt.


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The purpose pr higher taxes is not to increase funding but to either make things “more fair” or to insure less is available and left fallow to compete with giverment (so economic activity takes place).

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This makes as much sense as the trillion dollar “Inflation Reduction Act” does for lowering inflation.


Is that more or less the. The 10% tax hike trump proposing? Curious which will cost taxpayer less

But Trump. :man_shrugging:


If both are going to raise taxes, who is going to raise it less?

Last I checked Ron Paul not running this year

The 30 percent or so Inflation caused by Biden wild out of control spending and printing money is about as massive a form of “tax” as one can get.


ukraine isnt going to pay for itself!

they literally shovel utter bull ■■■■


A 360 is a turn around.

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How is unemployment rate doing between jan 2021 and now? How’s privste manufacturing construction going? How’s the GDP been doing? How’s union wage growth?

How’s the Toilet paper shortage of 2020 going?

toilet paper. lol. during your shutdown. adorable

bring up groceries… gasp!


For a time dragons had something new to hoard.

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My shutdown? I don’t have that power. Who was president during 2020?

nothing wins elections like the great toilet paper shortage of XXXX year

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But let’s , what will happen to grocery prices if a 10% taxes is implemented ?

yes, member when you didn’t want people going to restaurants or sitting on park benches or buses or anything like that because you know… Science?!?

You saved so many….


why don’t we just discuss groceries from 2020 to 2024?

please. link your precious msnbc

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My opinion didn’t shut down…someone was in the White House who made all that happen who was that?

who required shots to work or be fired?