Biden, wanna be tyrant

If it’s section 8 housing, lots of places. Since they only pay 30 percent of rent.

Why not the Hamptons?

There is affordable housing in the Hampton’s.
There is affordable housing in pretty much every city in America.

You are trying to say that since Biden’s proposal is not enacted law, the claim that this plan represents his ideological thinking is bogus?

They don’t plan to put section 8 housing in those types of communities as what they plan to impose on the people does not extend to them because socialism never applies to those in control who reap all the social and fiscal benefits of socialism while the masses get nothing but misery.

It took less then 25 years to destroy Venezuela and impoverish the people of that country and if the electorate does not get a grip on reality in the 2020 election it may take less then that to completely destroy America!

There are no houses for under $200,000 in the Hampton’s and the average is close to two million.

You don’t seem to know how Section 8 grants work.

You think the person working at grocery store in the Hampton is a millionaire.

Nope. Just pointing out that some are trying to pass of the proposal as his platform, which it is not.

What’s the difference?

Easy. Read the proposal and then go read the platform. You will see the differences.

So racially restrictive housing covenants. What’s the big deal.

Proposal = nascent platform

We barely even build project housing here anymore. We use vouchers. You’d think conservatives would love it, it’s a pretty sweet deal for the landlord.

the unit are always rented, and covered 70% of the cost by the government and the other 30% by fixed income so there is no real risk…

ya its pretty good.

As I said before we have had mandated affordable housing in jersey since the 80s and we have not turn socialist. That’s 30 plus years. Not that everything is perfect and some cities balk, but the majority fall in line.


So is this a proposal or a platform?

Don’t worry the communities populated by the wealthy elites will be exempted.