Biden, wanna be tyrant

Now this nit wit wants to micro manage every single town in America. Forcing them all to provide low income housing. Increasing the crime rate, reducing the property value and the quality of life for millions of peaceful, hard working Americans. How do you tell the owner of land valued at $100,000 per acre that they must use it for section 8 housing? Is he really stupid enough to think He can put section 8 housing in the Hamptons? What about Beverly Hills?

Yeah, that article title doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the content of the article.

If you read the article, the scary “abolish the suburbs” talk is actually Tucker Carlson’s interpretation of Biden’s policy focus.

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Well I wasn’t sure if you actually read it.

Do you think it means something different than this?

If you are unsure of what all this means, the Obama AFFH rules would force every single American city or town to add section 8 and so-called “low-income” housing in every community.

never bideners gonna hate…


And that is Brietbart’s interpretation.

I hate to burst your bubble, but there are no never Bideners. Every single democrat is for Biden. So there’s that.

What do you think about the idea?

how is expanding section 8 housing abolishing suburbs.

Whatta pack of lies. Breitbart, sheesh.


Yes. It does mean something different than that.

The bolded isn’t true. It’s a false statement.

Biden policy doesn’t call for expanding low income housing into every community.

The poors are going to ruin my community.

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Biden policy as listed on his website is to expand grant programs so more cities can build low income housing.

also cutting zoning regulation which limit the placement of low income housing.

Why? Are you thinking that Biden will be building section 8 housing in Canada? They have already ruined their own community. There is a reason that Will Smith doesn’t live in a poor neighborhood.

Gotta keep the poors away.

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That’s what communities need. Biden coming in and telling their zoning commissions how to zone. :roll_eyes:

are you under the impression the federal government doesn’t already do that?

Why do you want to keep the poors away?