Biden sharply hikes US tariffs on an array of Chinese imports

Yeah the sales have been tanking for some time now.

Companies are cutting back on EV production.

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Smyrna’s recommendation to save the world from inflation, starvation, pollution and bankruptcy; buy an old Buick with a 3.8L V6 engine that has 100,000 miles on it and was driven by a l’il ole man or lady for @$3,000.00. Then drive it for the next 100,000 miles for about the price of tires, fuel and oil changes. You don’t even have to purchase anything more than liability insurance and no financing. You have done more to protect the environment than by purchasing any EV on the planet and have more to contribute to your retirement account. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


That was the BS they were screaming when Obama was destroying the affordable car market.

Every time they cry about “climate change” it means they’re about to ■■■■ something up again that never needed fixing, and then go running to (D)addy to do things for them instead of doing anything worthwhile themselves.

Trained (D)ogs. :wink:


Already there!

Big Buick fan here! :grinning:

On my 3rd consecutive Buick now.

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Why does it have to be market driven? The market drove our semiconductors across the Pacific ocean until industrial policy started clawing it back. Weakened our national security. Made Americans dependent on Chinese manufacturing.

What’s the point in letting that happen again with EVs, and the entire manufacturing industries adjacent to them?

What is capitalism?


I have news for them about “global warming” and such.

Don’t worry about it!

It gets hot in the summer!

I’m 71 and it gets hot every summer. Some a little more than others.

It’s just weather! :grinning:


That’s a good example of how manufacturers learned a great lesson and why chip plants are returning.

If it isn’t market driven, it will lose money. This is basic business 101. Now…let’s use Ford as our example, shall we?

They’re completely ■■■■■■■ retarded for thinking global warming is a bad thing in the first place. None of them are intelligent enough to have a conversation about how to “fix” anything. All they do is lick boots and pretend like they’re helping.


They’re returning because Biden distorted the market with huge amounts of federal money. The government reached into the market and hand-picked american winners.

Now you’re heading in the right direction…

Now remember this; the government is as good at capitalism as they are protecting our southern border from invasion.

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Surely now the solution is to let the government reach even deeper. They’ll do good this time. Scout’s honor! :rofl:


Is Ford a fair example? They thought an SUV with a mustang badge would sell well. I’d argue their losses are due to plain incompetence.

Kind of like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football.

Lucy won’t pull the ball back this time! :rofl:

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Is Ford a long time, highly successful automobile manufacturer? Who sells the most full sized trucks here in the US? They are the PERFECT example and your question again shows how ignorant you are on this very subject.

Now here is what happens when our government gets involved in capitalism.

Ford Lost $130,000 on Every EV It Sold in the First Quarter
The Blue Oval reported an 84 percent drop in revenue in its Model e electric division.

I’ve gotta run now and go stimulate the American economy. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Oh, good! :rofl:


People are waking up to the fact that EV’s are just way over priced commuter cars!

I never spent much on commuter cars (to drive to work myself) .

I would buy some old car that still ran good for my commuter car.

I would have never spent what they are asking for EV’s on ANY car muich less just a commuter car.

The cars we do have we can jump in and drive across the country with no problems.

Can’t do that in an EV without a lot of hassle along the way.

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For all their expertise, the only EVs they put on the dealership lot are the Mach-E, the Lightning, and a transit van. Not a single model below 40k.

Even the CEO admits Ford screwed up, designing cars for a price point that American customers will not tolerate anymore.

“We totally misinterpreted the '21 and '22 spike in sales,” Farley said. "We should have put two and two together but we didn’t. When we had the chip crisis, there was a bonanza of supply-driven demand. There was nothing to buy. Shelves were completely empty. Tesla, because of the way they did the Model 3 and (Model) Y electric architecture, they could build as many as they could build. They had no chip issues. In that moment, When Y was relatively new, they could scale very quickly for Model Y and the prices exploded for them. It went from about $50,000 to $70,000 and stayed there for about 18 months. And everyone looked at that, including Ford, and said that’s the new norm. It wasn’t the new norm

My electric scooter has a range of about 15-20 miles. It was less than 100 bucks on Black Friday. People spent tens of thousands for 2 extra wheels. :rofl:

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