Biden sharply hikes US tariffs on an array of Chinese imports

I have often wondered whether Xi has had buyer’s remorse given Biden’s belligerent statements after he took office. China helped Biden’s allies develop the virus that allowed Biden to be elected, and China has friends in the US elites, but Biden appears to have played a game of bait and switch.

The reality has been that Biden’s policies have been so self-destructive that they have greatly benefited China. Biden instigated a proxy war with Russia that has given China unprecedented access to Russian energy, raw materials, and weapons technology while seriously depleting NATO weapons stocks.

Biden seems to be intent on instigating a naval war with China in China’s backyard. China’s steel production is 10 times that of the US and its shipbuilding industry is roughly 100 times the US. A conventional arms race with China is not going to end well for the US, and a likely outcome of a hot war would be the destruction of most of the US surface fleet that gets with missile range of China. A naval war with China is likely to give China big victory.

Now we are seeing a growing trade war. The problem is that the Biden administration seems unable to see more than one move in advance, and its likely that an extended trade war will hurt the US and its allies more they hurt China.

Has Xi been the real winner with Biden’s policies?

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Everybody who writes fiction often imagines a scenario and then imagines the possible outcomes and effects of the scenario :man_facepalming:

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Just consider how badly China’s economy has done post-Covid and you will have an answer.

The economic results are verifiable: unlike fantasies about Covid-19 being invented to take down Trump or the Russian invasion of Ukraine being somehow a Biden policy.

Do you think US interests would have been better served by the US continuing to allow high tech to. flow freely to China? Do you favor Chinese seizure of Taiwan?

He can’t even figure out how to exit a stage but you believe he has the mental cognizance to lead this country?


I didn’t say that. The Obama cabal is a joke of a fantasy.

Then who?

Regarding vehicles specifically, I believe Chinese imports are necessary to keep Americans manufacturers honest. Domestic design philosophy is a net negative on the middle class.

That’s all supposed to change soon as GM launches its first affordable modern EV, the Chevrolet Equinox EV, which offers up to 319 miles of range and should cost around $35,000 after tax credits. Then an even more affordable LT variant will debut later this year that should push the price tag into the high-$20,000 range after tax credits.

They can get away with raising the “affordable” floor to a subsidized $35,000 dollar bus because they have a captive audience.

Where there is a legitimate gap between the Chinese and American worker, a small subsidy can level the playing field. But a $25,000 gap between BYDs affordable EVs and GM’s EVs–even after a subsidy–can’t be explained away by production costs. At that point, I believe it’s a design choice.

Then hold the Chinese to the same pollution standards American manufacturers are held to. Make the playing field as level as possible but…that isn’t happening, is it?


Anyone else remember how easy it was to get a working beater for $300 before the Cash for Clunkers grift destroyed all the beaters?

The same libs who slobbered all over Obama for killing the beater market are now upset that people can’t afford a brand new EV. :rofl:


Is there a pollution difference between a Chinese car made in Mexico and an American car made in Mexico?

Our government has ■■■■■■ this whole thing up from the 1970s and this EV thingy is just more of the same. There is NOTHING to be gained and much to be lossed…ESPECIALLY regarding pollution.

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I would not buy a car made in China or Mexico myself.

Also those China plants can pollute at will.

US plants are not allowed to do so.

When real cars with real practical uses are made, people want them.

Otherwise, they end up with this EV trash, and libs end up with EV ■■■■ all over their faces. :rofl:

Hydrogen will be the future standard. You know, real solutions. :wink:


Chevrolet Equinox EV: An Affordable, Functional and Stylish EV.

The Equinox EV is produced at GM’s Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, production facility.

This $35,000 gigantic EV is made in the same Mexico where China plans to build EVs selling for half the cost. The finger of blame needs to be pointed American manufacturers–not the government, or foreign competitors.

A little Chinese competition will do them good.

Uh, huh…and someone who is uninformed may come to that conclusion so please explain why we are going down this electric car road? Tell me?

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Let me save you the time. I can see you’ve been writing a long response. It’s one word…government.

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It is EV trash and for no good reason other than for libs to virtue signal and feel good about a
“climate change” problem that doesn’t even exist.

A manufacturing lead is ours for the taking.
Less exposure to oil prices.

Lib government.

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It isn’t being “market driven”. Do you really not comprehend this? It’s ALL GOVERNMENT DRIVEN!