Biden sharply hikes US tariffs on an array of Chinese imports

no, I do not support using my money to make global companies richer.

■■■■ subsidies. All of them.

There are very few subsidies I have ever agreed with. One that subsidized small drillers on underperforming wells, only because it increased US production and makes us less dependent on foreign oil. I really can’t think of another except maybe if finding the vaccine for a pandemic were subsidized. I know we spent money on it, but not sure if it was directly subsidized or just guaranteed purchase.

Let’s slap tarrifs on Chinese Illegal immigrants, maybe China will quit shipping them over here too. Of course it doesn’t help when Biden keeps buying them…

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Every time Biden moves a policy to antagonize China, his political critics minimize it. As if the industrial policies, the technology sanctions, and forced divestments through executive orders aren’t authentic or something.

Meanwhile, China feels pretty bullied by the Biden administration.

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War for oil! Warmonger!


I don’t have a problem with a trade war. We just need to win it by becoming a producer again.


Libs are all about wars for European Oil and Gas. Very blood thirsty for white blood to be spilt (as long as they don’t have to do any of the actual fighting anyway).

It’s just that we’re not allowed to take it from their favorite terrorists in the Mid Eazy.



There’s the quotes that I knew would surface any minute.

It’s as if it’s an election year, and all the lap (D)ogs are simply woofing like they’re trained to. :rofl:


What an amazing coincidence! 6 months before election day and after 3 years of Xi Biden kissing Chinas ass( like he does everyone else,) he pretends he’s going to do something to hinder China from flooding America with cheap Chinese goods and undermining American businesses. By another coincidence the feckless imbecile is talking about hindering illegals from coming into the country.

You guys may be that stupid to actually believe TJ cares a rats ass about putting America first in anything EVER, but everyone else knows what a pathological liar and bought and paid for political whore Biden really is. He is going to do NOTHING to any country, especially those countries who have been paying him bribes over the years and undoubtedly have enough evidence of those bribes to ensure he adheres to the agenda he’s given.

That his incoherent babblings send a chill up your leg and cause your heart to flutter isn’t surprising. I know with Libs words speak far louder than actions…

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I still don’t understand the logic of not it’s a tight race Biden is losing securing the border would only help him with the center yet he doesn’t… odd.

It isn’t Biden. He’s the puppet out front but somebody or something else is pulling the strings.

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My guess.

obammy and susan rice

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He probably told the Chinese that he can do a lot more for them if he wins the election.

Similar to Obama making such a comment to the russians and being caught on hot mike.

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Xi and the ChiComs have no respect for Joey the Oaf.

Respectfully, who cares? They can call it a farce while crying about it. We don’t need their approval.

OBiden is a paper Tiger. A leader with cujones simply puts sky high tariffs on ChiCom ■■■■■
The “cheap EVs” won’t fly even if bought stooges like Joe Potato Head offer Consumer incentives, the product is still cheap junk.
There is literally nothing imported from China that could not be manufactured in America. The sooner people wake up and realize that the better for the country. Pharma needs to get their ■■■■ together also. The ChiComs provide waaaay too much in prescription proprietaries and their fentanyl dumping grounds on the US needs to end ASAP.

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Here we go.

Sucks for any American consumer who wanted a normal-sized EV. Or car in general.


The cabal fantasy

No fantasy.


Nightmare based on what?

You are correct: cheap Chinese goods do enable lower prices: and were an essential part of low inflation for a good part of this century, before the pandemic.

But at the same time, those cheap good decimated American manufacturing in several sectors; which is why both President’s Trump and Biden have acted to raise the cost of Chinese imports.

Do you think undermining American middle class jobs is a good price to pay for low cost Chinese imports? This is process of shifting wealth from the US to China.