Biden rips the salaries of WNBA players!

1970s are generally regarded as the worse NBA decade. NBA struggles with revenue and perception. Then they merged with ABA and brought DR J for example… then 80s come… Magic, Bird, Jordan enter the league and the rest is history.

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:rofl: What was the league called the day after the “merger”?


Big E
David Thompson

You don’t know your basketball sir.

I didn’t say there weren’t any good or even great players. Of your list… Jordan, Bird and Magic above them all.

If you knew anything about NBA you wouldn’t have even attempted to list David Thompson :rofl:

I saw Skywalker play. You sir, don’t know your basketball.

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Good for you. He’s not better than Jordan, Bird or Magic…

If you knew basketball you would have never listed people like Thompson as a rebuttal to the above.

We’ll never know. He had snow issues.

We know… he’s not. Neither is anyone else you listed… although Jabbar can be argued.

:rofl: You really don’t know.

I notice you added in Bird and took off Crybaby James. There may be hope for you yet.

How many players ever scored more than 70 points is a game?

I did not add James because I was focusing on the players, in the 80s, who made the NBA popular.

James is better than any player you listed and Bird and Magic. James will go down as 1 or 2 all time.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Have a nice day.

We’ve already proved you know nothing about basketball. I on the other hand am a basketball junkie. You are barking up the wrong tree.:wink:

The NFL is Marxist?
The NFL’s revenue is divided evenly among the 32 teams, with each team receiving around $374.4 million in the league’s most recent season. This revenue is generated from two categories:

I like watching the NBA, but it really is oversized skilled athletes taking advantage. When basketball was young…there was not much dunking…if any. I concur dunks look great…but there is not that much skill in a dunk, when one is 6’6" + tall…

The women’s game is more pure to its roots, needing excellent ball handling skills and skilled shooting.

Women’s tennis is not as fast and physical as men’s tennis…but it does very well.

How long has the WNBA been in existence? A little over 20 years…give it time…the players and game will continue to improve…and I predict they will do fine…

I’m not opposed to women’s sports. I watch more women’s combat sports than men’s combat sports. They tend to fight harder and fiercer than men in MMA competition for example. It’s not just endless leg kicks. As a consequence not as many women’s bouts go the distance. But they are way more aggressive and dynamic to view.

Not relevant to this conversation. The WNBA is a failed product that’s never turned a profit, yet that doesn’t stop a sitting Democratic President from mouthing off about “fair share” idiocy. But, you already knew that.

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Were they not profitable in the 1970’s? Also, the WNBA has been around for 27 years and have they ever turned a profit? Even in NY, James Dolan said that the Liberty lost money every year.


Joe Biden is an utter ■■■■■■■ idiot. The average salary is over $100,000 for a 34 game season and they don’t turn a profit! If you ask me they are overpaid.

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marx nodding yes