Biden rips the salaries of WNBA players!

:rofl: Sting? You should have seen it in color.

I did. Also there is this thing called video.

No you didn’t. You weren’t even born in the 70s. You probably weren’t born in the 80s.

Are you ever going to get off Honesty Watch™ ?

I’m curious, does the WNBA have a formal definition of what is a woman?

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knicks made 504 million; salaries 163 million

liberty made 19 million salaries 1.4 Million

huge difference.


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tell us Allan how much of percentage of 19 mill goes to infrastructure for the team? Like stadium, travel, trainers /Docs, uniforms, nutrition ect? Now compare it to the percentage the NBA spends and has left over for players.There you will find your answer

I do not know, nor do I care.

lol. did you know that in 2022 the liberty were fined 500,000 bucks for secretly chartering airplanes contrary to league protocol?


could have used some of that fine money and pay the players.


Yea so, what about it? I say that supports my argument, they don’t have enough revenue to support the infrastructure and salaries.

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the billionaire owners of the liberty have enough money to buy charters for the team but not enough money to pay the players?


They don’t become billionaires by spending money out of their own pocket. Stop acting ignorant.


yet this one did.



Another distraction by our Democrat Leader to divert attention away from his underhanded, and hateful attack on women.

Biden ‘undoing decades of women’s rights’ with changes to Title IX law


When violent hate America demonstrations and terrorist attacks begin on American soil, let us not forget it was the current Democrat Party Leadership who encouraged and invited millions upon millions of poverty-stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, diseased, disabled, criminal, and un-vetted terrorist foreign nationals, into our country.

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Here’s a critical take on this issue:

Kamala Harris has decided to chime in on this:

What an idiot! Her and Joe Biden should be referred to as Dumb & Dumber!

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What good would Kamala Harris’s pledge do for women since Biden’s new Title Nine regulations will ultimately lead to allowing sexual deviant males play in women’s sports?

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That talent-less blowhole has something to say on the matter… :rofl:

Keep in mind, the WNBA is owned by the NBA. It’s basically the womens division of the NBA.

These are the same people (like Mark Cuban for instance) that like to wag their finger in your face and tell you what a racist piece of ■■■■ you are. And they pay men 10x what they pay women.

I’m sorry, but if you are going to sit in judgment of me, it’s only fair to point out this hypocrisy. Profit or no profit.

Pay Breanna Stewart.

Takes a lot of BRASS for biden to condemn the salaries and yet have no problem with men in women’s basketball. :roll_eyes:

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