Biden plays "will I or won't I?"


Boy I hope not.

A. He had his shot.
B. Yes, he’s well respected and has solid policy credentials.
C. That said, there are nearly as many “never Obama” voters as there are “never Hillary” voters (I would think). I want NO “guilt-by-association” issues in 2020. I think any solid moderate with a clean slate will clean Trump’s clock. Klobuchar of the declared candidates, but my preference is to see Jon Tester run.


Didn’t the widow of Biden’s son marry his other son or something like that?

Not sure if he wants to submit his family to all the scrutiny.


Meh. A little weird, but I don’t see that being an issue. Two consenting adults who’ve known each other a long time deciding that they want to be together, not much there.


Drinking problem ? I thought he didn’t drink at all


Looks like the Democrats will be running their own clown car version of what the Republicans did in 2016. There are way too many candidates announcing their run for President. Hopefully most of those will drop out early.


He doesn’t drink. He’s well-known as a teetotaler.


It’s certainly not illegal and probably not even immoral, but it’s more than a little weird.

And I wouldn’t put anything past Trump.


I tend to agree with this. I think Biden would make a great president, but I’ve also held that we need to let political dinosaurs go extinct and start looking toward the future.

I think your part C is a pretty legitimate concern. I think Biden would have a difficult time separating himself from Obama, and while some may not see that as a bad thing, I think given the political climate right now, it could be detrimental to his chance to win in the general.


It’s actually not terribly uncommon. I’ve heard of it on more than one occasion.


Yeah I have too. And not just in Hamlet. I have no problem with it. I equate it to losing a spouse and then ending up with a close friend that you both knew for a long time. That also happens a lot.


The topic of this thread is Biden, and the things OP has suggested about Biden. Asking about that is not apron-tugging, but making things about me is both off-topic and addressed the poster.

Did you have any responses to my questions regarding what was said in the first post of this thread, or were you just going to keep making things personal and off-topic?


Did some posts in this thread disappear ?


As of right now yours shows as the 32nd post in the thread, but your post also is marked as the 45th that was made on the thread, so yes … 13 posts have been deleted.



So is your reply that I just quoted.


We’re off topic because of this post:

My post was some honest questions to OP. I still want to talk about those questions, but all you seem to want to do is make it about me.

So did you have comments on Biden allegedly having a drinking problem, or “playing games” regarding his decision to run or not? If not, then there’s nothing more to discuss.


And that’s all that matters. Trump is running again, absolutely. To paraphrase Mitch McConnell, there is nothing more important than making Donald Trump a one-term president. I’ll vote for them if they’re nominated, but I don’t support Sanders or Warren in the primaries. I just don’t know that they can be beat Trump.





I’m always a bit surprised when I hear people say Bernie would have won in 2016, or would have a chance now.

I think Bernie would have gotten beaten worse than Hillary did in the EC. He polls well now, but I think a Bernie v Trump campaign wouldn’t have been too different from Hillary. Lots of mud-slinging and getting down in the muck, but also lots of political baggage.

I’d like to think Biden could rise above that, but given he was Obama’s VP, that gives Trump the “Obama” card. Maybe Biden can run a cleaner campaign and pave his own way, but it would definitely be an uphill battle against an incumbent whose base is very dedicated.


But now you’re keeping the rathole going.

OP gave opinions about Biden.

I gave an opinion about apron tugging.

Both seem to have bothered you.

He’ll lose to Trump – with or without baggage (whether real or imagined). The rest is just sideshow and noise.


Biden is just super well-liked. People like his personality, they want to hang out with him.

I think that’s how most people vote, btw. To hell with the issues.