Biden plays "will I or won't I?"


You think people prefer Biden over just about any other Democrat ?

Arizona: Trump vs. Biden OH Predictive Insights Trump 46, Biden 46 Tie
Arizona: Trump vs. Sanders OH Predictive Insights Trump 49, Sanders 37 Trump +12
Arizona: Trump vs. Harris OH Predictive Insights Trump 49, Harris 40 Trump +9
Arizona: Trump vs. Warren OH Predictive Insights Trump 49, Warren 38 Trump +11


So was Carter.

But yes, as you point out, too many people vote that way.


No. I’m trying to stay on the topic of Biden potentially running.

And I asked what the basis was for those opinions, given they aren’t backed up by any information OP provided or…reality. That’s how internet forums work. Person posts a thing, people respond when questions and comments on that topic.

(speaking of ratholes)

That opinion was off-topic and addressed to/about me instead just commenting on the content of the post, which was about Biden.

They don’t. I just came to this thread to talk about Biden, but I get personally attacked for some reason.

That wasn’t so hard. Thanks for finally commenting on topic!


For many people, even moderate independents or Republicans, Bernie Sanders might as well be AOC or Karl Marx.


Pretty much.

It’s hard to even blame them. Most politicians act like scumbags behind closed doors, say what people want to hear in order to get elected and spin the facts to match their narrative.

On top of that, an average person may not have time to do their research on what actually impacts them and the country, too busy working, taking care of family, etc…so they probably figure - they’re all scum but this guys seems like someone I’d like to have a beer with.


Exactly. I think a lot of non-partisans look at AOC as an outgrowth of Bernie the way Trump was sort of an outgrowth of Palin and talk radio.

And you’re right-Bernie would be “hammered” as it were with SOCIALISM, MARXISM, TYRANNY! Endlessly. And some of that would be hard for him to effectively refute.


Well, the “socialism” part he wouldn’t try to refute; since he is an admitted socialist. Part of his appeal.


Well, he’d try to assert that it’s not like brand of socialism to which Trump and his supporters would inevitably try to tie him.

The hammer and sickle Bernie ads would be prevalent.


I’m going to go with “hideous alien love child”, but I agree with your point.


I personally see it that way. I think Biden would make a great president.

I think if he were able to stay on topic, not get down in the muck, and share a positive vision of America, he’d be our next president.

Perhaps being out of the picture for 4 years would be enough time for the “Obama residue” to wear off and let him run on his own merit.


Garbage OP full of opinions and made-up gossip. I now predict Biden will be our next president.

Lazy? What a completely absurd load.


Why not Biden had already ran two times the same amount as Clinton. I am in the minority here but still wouldn’t be surprised she runs with such a crowded field.


You soothsayer you.