Biden plays "will I or won't I?"

This is rolling out exactly as I predicted months ago.
Biden is encouraging the guessing game of whether or not he will run.
He loves the attention he gets from this.
He won’t run. He has a lazy streak a mile wide and he has a drinking problem, but he’ll play his game for another couple of months.

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Oh this is a wonderful op…top notch!


Didn’t Biden say he wouldn’t have given the order to go after bin Laden? If Obama is tougher on national security… that should be all that needs said.

If Biden runs, he’ll beat trump. I’d be scared too if I were a trump supporter.

One could say that Joe…is jus biden his time. :sunglasses:

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The OP just described some traits of Donald Trump yet many people here support Trump as if he’s the Word Turned to Flesh.

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He will run, who wouldn’t with his poll numbers.

What gives you that impression?

What gives you that impression?

Source for these claims?

From all accounts, it’s a brutal process on you and your family. I can see why some would be hesitant to place that burden on those they love. Especially given what this family has already suffered.

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Inability to focus on the thread topic. This is a Biden thread.

I’d be hesitant to endorse a Biden run, but if Biden sets it up where Beto is his running mate, and Biden steps down after one term, allowing Beto to take the reigns, I might re-consider.

Don’t quit your day job. :sunglasses:

I also personally like the idea of Biden running and explicitly stating he’s coming in for one term to get things settled back to normal(no more crazytown) and have a VP who gets 4 years of experience before 2024. O’Rourke, Harris, Klobuchar…whoever.


At almost every level of politics. Certainly worse as you climb higher into national politics. But even at the local level they now pull out speeding tickets and highlight disgruntled neighbors.

On both sides of the contests.

Politics is a dirty arena now. I don’t blame anyone for eschewing it. I wouldn’t even run for school board because of it.

What gives you the impression that it’s an impression?

Reason for asking?

Hey, ain’t apron tugging fun?

Nothing in OP’s article indicates Biden is playing games with running. He’s simply considering whether or not to run.

The article cites aides and people who have talked with Biden who have said he’s taking his time weighing his options and the effects running will have on him and his family.

Nothing in OP’s article gives ME an impression he’s playing games. Perhaps it does to you and OP, which is why I asked OP, and not Guvnah, what in his source gives that impression. I was curious, so I asked a question. That’s generally how internet forums work. Person says a thing, other people respond.

Because OP’s article doesn’t mention those things, but OP brought them up, so asking where he got that information is a perfectly on-topic discussion to have.

Is it? That’s what you’re doing right now. I asked some innocuous questions about unsourced information he provided in his post. You came and made it about me.

If you didn’t have an answer to those questions, then there was zero reason for you to respond to me, other than to “tug at the apron.” Trying to make this about me is off-topic. So if you had any answers to what I asked, I’d love to hear them, otherwise please stop making it personal and off-topic. Thanks!

I hear Hillary might run again.

Biden gives the appearance of being quite sane and fairly stable, if not inspired or brilliant. I hope he does not run. I want Harris or Warren.


If you don’t like it happening to you, perhaps you should consider your own apron tugging!