Biden officially launches bid for President

Repeating one’s post doesn’t make it true.

Then you should know why New England voted with California. It’s not an electoral map.

Maybe reflechissez, as an independent observer, would you be able to highlight any area of my post that is fundamentally wrong?

It appears we’re gonna see millions of comments about Joe being creepy from…

wait for it…

… people who support Donald Trump.


I don’t disagree with your post.

Thanks, maybe conan can explain what he meant.

We’ll see.

They found morals all of a sudden. :rofl:

Have now started to repudiate D Trump’s behaviour?

it’s breathtaking how quickly they pivot.

In the final analysis though, they have lost all credibility when it comes to morality or ethics.

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Apparently not. Someone must have pressed the mute button.


He’s everything that the progressives love to hate.

  1. He’s old

  2. He’s white

  3. He’s male

Those things alone should be enough for him to be treated with contempt. Yes, I know that Bernie is all of these things too. But Bernie gets a pass because he really, really hates the rich and wants them punished. He also believes that all wisdom comes from government and government should control the people, not the other way around.
Back to Joe.

Getting too up close and personal with young girls does not look good. Plus in order to keep up with the progressives, he has had to change his mind on nearly all of his views. Going where the wind blows. He will most certainly offer a female Veep. Probably someone 30 or 40 years younger than him. Attractive and very huggable.

So why Joe?

There’s no way to answer your question without changing your understanding of progressives.

“Why should humans be considered mammals when they don’t lay eggs like Monotremes do?”

Why are there 2 threads on Joe Biden?

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This is a really easy question!!! So I log in. Scroll down looking for new Biden threads and don’t see any. Then. as soon as I post mine, the other one pops tp the top of the list. And there you have it. Two Biden threads. :open_mouth:

lol “omg like literallly” is this a real question?

That’s an assumption. Take a shot at answering the question. And if I do not understand, I will ask for clarification. Fair enough?

He will offer Trump hate… Oh, and to repeal and replace Obama care.

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