Biden officially launches bid for President

lol, omg like this is literally a real reply.

This is a really easy question!!! So I log in. Scroll down looking for new Biden threads and don’t see any. Then. as soon as I post mine, the other one pops tp the top of the list. And there you have it. Two Biden threads. :open_mouth:

You like?

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I can’t believe a lefty would ask why there’s so many Biden threads. Nevermind I can believe it

Moderate/centrist appeal. Rust belt cred. Experience. High approval with African Americans.

Progressives don’t hate people for being old male and white but cool strawman, bro.

Bernie is running for president and leading in the polls, which destroys this silly assumption.

The “grab 'em by the ■■■■■■ crown suddenly acquired morals.

Biden clearly states he is running against fat donald. He is not running against other Democrats. He is not running to change the system. He is running against fat donald.

Well it’s certainly a lot easier for them than answering the question.

When I read postings like this I realize there are other sleepy people

No one cares.

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Sorry dude. They are definitely running against Joe. Do you think that Fat Liz or fat Corey are not going to go after him?

Its on the same topic, Joe Biden running for President.

It can’t be any simpler than that.

Then again, I’ve seen responses to the Mueller report.

Well buckle in. There will be many more threads on JB.

Good, why don’t you also start a thread on Joe Biden running.

Kind of mash the two existing threads together.

Sorry bro, Biden is the anti-fat donald candidate that conservatives on the fence will likely vote for.

Why Joe?
Because the bolded parts are not true.

Do you understand?

Biden offers a tangible connection to the Obama administration and the genesis of the collusion narrative.

I am surprised he got bullied into this. His heart isn’t in it.

Bernie at least has passion.


I can already see the desperation with many trump supporters that Biden is running. It’ll only get worse for you folks. The storm is coming.

Because it’s major topic of the day.

I voted for Bernie and I’m beginning to regret that vote.

Here’s what Joe Biden has to offer our children:

It’s OK as long as Trump doesn’t win. lol

I found some Biden passion…On revoking his buddy Brennans security clearance and oddly equating it to “silencing” him.

Didn’t know a security clearance was required to talk trash to the MSM.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday hit back at President Trump for revoking former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.

In a tweet, Biden warned the president that revoking Brennan’s clearance won’t “silence” the frequent Trump critic.

“In the time I have known him, John Brennan has never been afraid to speak up and give it to you straight,” Biden tweeted. “Revoking his security clearance is an act unbecoming of a President. If you think it will silence John, then you just don’t know the man.”


Great idea. I am super excited about his third presidential run