Biden officially launches bid for President

In his announcement for his 2020 run, he makes the comment that we are in a battle for the soul of the nation. It would appear the point at which he made his decision was where Trump, commenting on the white nationalists in Charlottesville, said that there were “very good people” on both sides.

I suspect as long as he stays on that message and keeps hammering it, he has a very good chance in his presidential bid - but time will tell.

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i wanna see the VP debate between Mayor Pete and Pence.


I’m happy with this. I wanted Biden to run in 2016. The age thing is a concern, but I’ll cope. Personally I’d kind of like it if he said he was running for one term and he saw his main goal as strengthening the institutions of the country that makes it great and to ground it in solid dependable adult leadership.


That should be a pay-per-view.


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The Other Party of OWP

Well, until you start comparing governors, lieutenant governors, senators, representatives, state legislatures, mayors…There’s a pretty stark contrast there. And do you want to compare women too? GOP is pretty bad there too.

Is that under discussion?

Women have no business in politics.

That should be a winning strategy for the GOP in 21st century America.

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I don’t even know why women are allowed to vote.

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dont deal with reality too well. huh.


That’s the 1950’s mentality the GOP needs.

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Battle for the soul of the nation

That has a drama queen, phony ring to it. I think he needs to do better than that.

We have quite a few edgelords around here these days.


Just like declaring a National Emergency then doing nothing about it since the declaration?


Somehow I feel that Biden will not be picking an OWP for veep.


Not any worse then MAGA.


We’re talking about Biden.
You’re having trouble focusing again.

Drama queen? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s going to be like this for the next 18 months. Good luck!


They always try to pick out one person to make a point. It never works.

So the last 3 democratic presidential candidates could potentially be a black dude, a woman, and an old white guy. SEE, YOU’RE THE SAME AS US!!!

Do the Democrats really want to run a guy who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself? For the past 3 years Democrats have attacked Donald Trump for his lack of ethics yet now they’re considering someone who is just as bad? Way to lose the high ground, Democrats. I guess decency and integrity are off the table now as campaign issues.