Biden officially launches bid for President

Right-wing talk radio and punditry want their 2012 talking point back.

No doubt you were overly incensed back then at the same wolf-crying, right?

We could continue to play this game whilst I watch a documentary on the Memphis Belle. I am not sure who you think is arguing what the electoral college vote was.

About, what, 80k popular votes in a handful of states decided the last election? It won’t take much to tip that the other way.

The Hillary / Trump election was an entirely different election. The nomination was basically given to Hillary. She didn’t have to fight for it. Thus, she went into the general not as battle ready as Trump was. That, added to her other baggage, made her a very weak candidate.

Whoever wins the nomination in 2020 is going to have to fight multiple people for it. Additionally, I can’t really think of anyone who has the amount of baggage that Hillary had. That means the 2020 candidate will be a lot stronger.

That means Trump is going to have a much more difficult fight on his hands in 2020.

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19th amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Pick one up.

She’s a disgusting glob.

Biden can alter that slogan just a wee bit

Grope and Change


Just keep the little girls away from him in front of the camera and he outta do swell in spite of what’s already out on YouTube.

Just another slip of the tongue.


Maybe consideration should be given for electoral reform to truly reflect the will of the people and adopt the principle that each person’s vote should be equal. Maybe even change the day from Tuesday to a Saturday.

Why should we take advice of Australian…who clearly has no understand the reason behind electoral college?

Did you mean advice or advise? It is a very confusing post if you meant advise.

Fixed…so answer the question. Why should we take advice from Australian who doesn’t have clue of American political process or as why electoral college was created?

“The most important election of our time!”

She also won the popular vote in all six of the New England States, which are far away from California. And they say that we have the Electoral College to give small States a voice.

Look at the American Nations map.

Now let me see if I can provide the answer to why you would have an electoral college system in an Australian context. New South Wales and Victoria were the two most populous states at the time of federation. If each state got the same number of senators less populous states like WA and Tasmania would not be overwhelmed in the Senate by the bigger states. So there would be a balance between the two houses of parliament.

Now let me think if there is a similarity between the House of Reps in Australia and the USA. We call them electorates or seats. I suppose another name that could be used might be districts. We do give them names but I suppose you could just number them if you wanted to. What else could be similar? Would the more populated states have more electorates/districts? Sounds reasonable to me.

Of course we have an independent body to draw up boundaries and oversee elections.

Would you like me to continue?

Not sure who “we” is, but your’e not obligated to take advice from anyone. Hope that clears it up.

I already did. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election by winning large states (such as Michigan and Pennsylvania) by razor-thin margins. Trump only got 7 more electoral votes from small states than Romney.

As I said, you have no understanding of American political process or the reasons behind it.