Biden holding 13,000 kids with missing parents

And you people STILL think he’s doing a great job? What will it take for you people to wake up and realize that everything this clown touches he ruins? And the best thing your idiot politicians can do is blame Trump? We are surrounded by nit wits. And we’ve put them in charge.

REPORT: 13K Unaccompanied Minors in Border Patrol Custody, Many for 5 Days (


my gawd…

Uh Oh…

The truth is most U.S. immigration judges deny the sorts of asylum claims brought by Central Americans. Still, Pimentel thinks whatever the Biden administration comes up with will be a dramatic improvement over the Trump years.

"It’s my belief that the United States has the power and the capacity to respond correctly to do the job," she says. "We do. We just haven’t put our efforts in the right place. Don’t just put them altogether as all criminals, because they’re not."

She’s hopeful the new administration will create a new paradigm that maintains border security but respects the claims of people who come seeking protection.

Biden even baited and switched 13,000 poor kids.

Dear immigrants…Delaware welcomes you…ALL of you.

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Right? I think it’s up to 565 new kids in custody every day. The current number will balloon. The libs appear to have become monks and taken a vow of silence.

How is it that nearly every conservative saw this coming but it caught the woke crow by surprise? Was the woke crowd asleep at the switch?



They think their empty words are harmless.

They are not.

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Correct. Many of the invaders have been spotted wearing Biden shirts. I have not seen a whole lot of Maga shirts in the crowd. I wonder who they have been listening too?


The smugglers have lost a lot of revenue with the legalization of marijuana.

They are poised to make it up by trafficking children across the border.

Fifty years in DC and Sleepy Joe slept through every meeting on immigration.

Now BIDEN is responsible for the biggest border crisis of my lifetime.


13,000? That’s a lot of kids.

And they’re getting 565 more every day. That number is expected to grow.

I’m sure they’re all vaccinated.

What they do is totally overwhelm the system with babies. That uses up all our resources leaving the borders open to them and their poison.

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Yes. And being home schooled with zoom meetings.

Why are Democrats so racist towards undocumented children? Biden is running concentration camps, just like AOC says.


Not gonna work.

Of course it will


Ok, as much as I hate to admit this, I’m impressed. At least she’s consistent on the issue.

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I say let the Mexicans house them.

What’s Jbiden Co. hiding?


That the inmates are running the asylum with his (sorry, Jill’s) blessings?

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I wonder what it costs them to buy a kid?