Biden goes full fascist: Get the shot or get fired

The ACLU has become a fascist mouthpiece.

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it will never be over.

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By the way, i recommend our liberal friends read that story on the ACLU, sort of like looking in a mirror to see what you have become.


I think you guys are misreading the quote.

Edit; no I was. I missed the flip. Tracking now.

Not a chance.



The ACLU used to oppose suspending civil liberties using fear of disease as excuse.

The ACLU flipped its stance once Democrats started to impose universal house arrest during COVID.

ACLU claims vaccine mandates ‘further civil liberties’ (

Compare that with their stand about ebola and comments about Trump’s original ban on travel from China:

The Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that no state may “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person . . . the equal protection of the laws.” In addition to all the other problems with the quarantines imposed in response to the panic surrounding the 2014 Ebola outbreak, they violated the U.S. Constitution.

When a state deprives an individual of certain fundamental rights, it must satisfy the highest constitutional standard to justify its action. But states that quarantined asymptomatic individuals imposed unjustifiable measures that deprived individuals of their fundamental liberties.

Fear, Politics, and Ebola | American Civil Liberties Union (

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has warned that the administration’s measures infringe on civil rights. Any detention of travelers or citizens must be “scientifically justified and no more intrusive on civil liberties than absolutely necessary,” said Jay Stanley, an ACLU senior policy analyst.

Coronavirus quarantine, travel ban could backfire, experts fear - POLITICO

That is why I say that the ACLU has become a fascist mouthpiece.


I doubt we’ll hear much backlash but…the voices will be very loud, when Biden tries to tell those, not employed by the federal gov’t.

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If the window of time a person is infectious is shorter and they are less likely to have symptoms like coughing and sneezing that expel large amounts of virus, then doesn’t that help cut down on spread?

Yes practically all businesses sell to the federal government. The attempt to force vaccines on all their employees is a massive dictatorial overreach.

It will be interesting to see what happens when states enact laws that prohibit forced vaccinations.


That would only work in states that don’t have at will employment laws, right?

We are already seeing major outbreaks among the fully vaccinated.

Cornell University leads the way with its vaccination program - Politics - Hannity Community

Did Texas House Democrats create a super-spreader event? - Politics - Hannity Community

The Mayo Clinic reported a effectiveness of only 42% for Pfizer vaccine.
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine just 42% effective against infection amid delta spread, preprint suggests (

Recent data from Israel is consistent with an effectiveness of zero. The number of cases among the vaccinated closely matches the fraction of the population who is vaccinated for each age group:


You’re still better off being vaccinated… especially if you got the moderna.

Yes, for some reason the White House pushed through approval of the least effective vaccination.

Vaccinations reduce symptoms. As the virus adapts for a vaccinated population, they will do nothing to prevent transmission.

Mandatory vaccinations make zero sense since the benefits and risks are with the person who is vaccinated.

If the question is creating a healthy workforce, then firing the obese would give a much bigger improvement.

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It’s not the White House. Moderna submitted to the FDA for approval after Pfizer did by several weeks.

It’s looking like boosters will help.

Nonsense. If you are infectious for a longer period of time then you are able to spread the virus for a longer period of time. Also if hospitals are overloaded then that can influence other people in need of care.

Obesity isn’t contagious.

…neither are big boobs…damn it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


The White House is ramming the vaccine approval through the FDA.

Boosters are a game of whack-a-mole at best.

If vaccines allow you to be infectious without obvious symptoms they can increase the spread. Israel has the among the highest number of cases compared to its population. It also has among one of the highest rates of vaccination. That is consistent with a nation of modern-day Typhoid Mary’s.

If you doubt that possibility, consider that Palestine has not seen the same rise in cases as Israel. It also has a much lower rate of vaccination.

this isn’t fascism.


Based on what evidence? I did a google search and ironically I’m only finding links about Trump threatening to fire the FDA chief back in December if he didn’t approve it for emergency use by the end of that day.

If the moles are getting whacked, isn’t that good?

Its much easier to spread the virus if you have symptoms since it makes you cough and what not.

We have to reduce the possibility of creating more variants. And that can only be done with increased vaccinations. I believe that new, more effective vaccines will be developed. I am thankful that there are vaccines for all sorts of nasty stuff. I was around when polio was a threat. As well as small pox and rubella. And I certainly don’t remember people making those a political controversy. .And for decades I have listened to conservatives saying how government should not regulate businesses. And now you are saying that you want them punished for how they regulate their business?

Yes, I got the smallpox vaccine and the COVID shots are nothing like it.

The vaccines for polio and smallpox are highly effective and immunity lasts a lifetime.

The COVID vaccines are highly leaky and immunity starts to decline rapidly within a few months.

The risk of leaky vaccines encouraging the development of dangerous variants was well-documented before COVID. Here is a description from 2018:

. . .The problem with leaky vaccines, Read says, is that they enable pathogens to replicate unchecked while also protecting hosts from illness and death, thereby removing the costs associated with increased virulence. Over time, then, in a world of leaky vaccinations, a pathogen might evolve to become deadlier to unvaccinated hosts because it can reap the benefits of virulence without the costs — much as Marek’s disease has slowly become more lethal to unvaccinated chickens. This virulence can also cause the vaccine to start failing by causing illness in vaccinated hosts.

Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve | Quanta Magazine

How does product liability work if vaccinations increase the danger to people who choose not to get vaccinated? Is that the equivalent of second-hand smoke?