Cornell University leads the way with its vaccination program

Following a week of skyrocketing COVID cases on campus, cases in Tompkins County reached record highs while cases affiliated with Cornell still make up over half of Tompkins County’s total active cases. . .

As of Sept. 5, there were 233 new positives over the previous seven days. Over the last two weeks, there have been 434 new positives identified. . .

As of Sept. 5, 95 percent of the on-campus population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The government’s answer to COVID is forced vaccinations using highly leaky vaccines, whose effectiveness continues to drop with the evolution of new variants.

Expect more epidemics of the Biden variants among the vaccinated. The outbreaks will end only after enough people have gotten natural immunity through exposure to the virus.


Good example of why CASES is such a poor metric.

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The alleged reason for coerced vaccinations was to protect others from the disease.

Clearly the vaccines are not doing that. Their only benefit appears to be to reduce the risks to the vaccinated person. For healthy college kids the risks are extremely low to begin with.

Serological studies show that for every reported case there are several people who have developed antibodies through exposure without getting a positive test. For vaccinate young people, many will be infected with no obvious symptoms, which means the actual number of cases may be many times the official numbers.

The vaccines arguably increase the risk of an outbreak by allowing the disease to spread without obvious symptoms. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since natural immunity appears to be much more effective than the vaccine in preventing future infections.

Sure looks more like a super flu with 2 waves a year every day.

Imagine if we tracked flu cases.


Arguably the best way to protect granny is for the college kids to get exposed to COVID now so they will be immune when they go home over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Perhaps the university should have a giant pox party to protect the elderly.


I am observing a subconscious return to established activity in spite of the variant propaganda.

The media and public health officials have cried WOLF!! too often.

The VA Tech game is a very good example. This happened all over and at all levels of football. High schools fight over mask mandates and then crowd the stands on Friday nights?!?!

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Yes, let college kids live their lives. Biden’s nanny state is not wearing well.

Warning R-rated language:

Some local prosecutors are refusing enforce the Pennsylvania governor’s new mask edict for schools.

Let kids live and breath free.


Some people in this thread live in a bubble. They should check national polls/attitudes toward mask mandates and vaccines. Please though, use videos of a handful of people chanting as a reliable metric. Using outdoor events to “prove” people aren’t using masks in situations they’re asked to is hilarious. “Look at these people not wearing masks when they’re not asked to. We got 'em now.” Speaking of Virginia Tech, 94% of the students are vaccinated. They don’t appear to have any difficulty with the situation.

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Here is what Fauci is saying about the unvaccinated:

We could turn this thing around and do it efficiently and quickly if we got those people vaccinated. --Dr. Fauci

Cornell has a 95% vaccination rate, and it is seeing a record number of cases. Countries with much higher vaccination rates than the US are still seeing major outbreaks.

Is Fauci lying or is he just ignoring reality?


how many people are in hospital and dying?

when all is said and done it won’t be a “super flu” it will be the lessor flu. will take some time.

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For the vaccinated.

for everyone. whether they get their antibodies by vaccine or the old fashioned way. vaccine is preferable, at least the first time around

To get antibodies the old fashiioned way you expose yourself to the chance of death many multiples greater than the flu. And those antibodies wear off as well.

Covid could become - and really, already is - the lessor flu for the vaccinated. It never will for the unvaccinated short some kind of mutation that is more transmissible but les deadly than delta.

yes, more risk; hence, vaccine is preferable

as for unvaccinated, yes, eventually it will, after they get and survive covid.

antibodies will wane for all, we will be relying on memory cells and treatment.

We have been told that vaccinations are necessary to stop the spread of the disease so forced vaccinations and COVID passports are required.

Deciding whether the benefits to your health from the vaccine outweigh the risks should be your personal choice. The fascist nanny state is wearing thin even for Canadians.

I sense a disturbance in the farce.


Not with boosters dialed in to the right schedule.

Vaccinated = lessor flu
Unvaccinated = Covid until a mutation comes along that is less deadly and more transmissible than Delta.

My favorite part is the aggressive rejection of vax, masking, and other mitigation measures while simultaneously blaming the spread on Biden. It the best of both worlds: act irresponsibility and blame others for the results.


That’s a funny line.

Rest of the post is tripe, but really, that line is very clever.