Biden goes full fascist: Get the shot or get fired

The reality is that there is not enough data yet regarding Covid reaction to vaccines. There seems to be a trend that while vaccinated folks can be infected, it will not lead to death or the creation of a new mutation.
I am seeing a whole bunch of speculation and references to studies on other viruses. We are still in the learning cycle which might go on for many more months or even years.

  • Cornell is not having an outbreak. Their positivty rate was an already way-low 0.88% when you posted this 2 days ago, was 0.82% yesterday, and is 0.71% today

  • The mayo Clinic study still shows that unvaccinated are far more likely to be hospitalized or die than the vaccinated.

  • In Israel vaccinated are still better off than unvaccinated

This makes unvaccinated older people more than 10 times as likely to experience a severe case as their immunized counterparts.

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I suspect that the vaccine makers and the government have a lot more data than what they are openly sharing.

On the surface, Biden’s panicked push to force everyone to get vaccinated even though the effectiveness of the vaccines is rapidly approaching zero makes no sense. On the other hand, if there is mounting evidence the vaccines are pushing the development of dangerous new strains, universal vaccination makes perfect sense.

Universal vaccination may be the only path to prevent the bankruptcy of the vaccine makers from massive liability associated with death and injuries to the non-vaccinated. The non-vaccinated could be an existential threat to big pharma. They must be exterminated!

1 chance in 5000 here in America.


Just plain old fashioned misinformation.


Yes, is the Times mantra calming?

In Israel there have been 280000 cases since the beginning of June. About half of them have been vaccinated. The vaccinated population is about 5.2 million.

That means that 2.8% of the vaccinated have been infected. That corresponds to 1 in 37.

The actual risk of infection is over 100 time higher than the Times figure.

Will a BLM amulet be required for extra protection since the Time mantra appears to be way off?

The way to look at it is like this, we need about 80-85% of us to have some form of immunity for the virus not to be able to spread effectively. Even some immunity will prevent spread.

So we need around 280 million people to have some form of immunity.

We have around 180 million people fully vaccinated, around 75% of the total adult population. But that doesn’t include kids who can’t get it.

And we have 40 million people who got sick with COVID.

At least half of those who got sick also got vaccinated. They become super immune, the safest of all populations.

So how many more people do we need to stem the virus?

I estimate around 75-80 million more people. We are vaccinating around 700k/day now, which means in 3 months we will get close. But that will put us square into winter, not a good time. Those 80 million people are already at the highest risk, no prior sickness and no vaccine. And there is overwhelming evidence they would benefit more from getting vaccinated than getting sick.

If we average 100k new COVID cases per day, all newly infected, we wouldn’t reach herd immunity for over 2 years. We can reach that with vaccinations in a matter of months.

Those 80 million folks have chosen to this point not to vaccinate. They need to choose otherwise and mandates are going to be the key here. This is a good step, I think air travel should be restricted to the vaccinated as well. I think corporations need to mandate it for their employees and their supplier chains. It is only then that we see the last push to getting this virus behind us.


What’s the r nought for the vaccinated against the latest strains, you must know since you are confident it will defeat the virus. Oh and don’t forget protection wanes over time.

Where’d you get that number?

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Fauci pulled it out of his hat after his previous number didn’t pan out.


Well, I think you can notice that I gave a range since it is not precisely known, we just have to go by previous outbreaks and vaccination pushes. I think measles are a good comparison, and that is actually closer to 90% IIRC.

I don’t.

Actually his orders include companies with number of employees over 100 either mandate vaccines or COVID tests?

I’m pretty sure he’s got no constitutional authority to do that.

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Ya think? :rofl:


On paper- OSHA

In reality, naw. OSHA basically doesn’t exist.

Well, that’s not true.

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what happened to my body my choice?


Why are you even here though

If a woman has an abortion, it doesn’t affect people in close contact. Infectious diseases affect others in close contact. If you cannot understand this, you win the Darwin award.


To correct your misinformation.

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