Biden Announces Re-election Bid

Michelle has no interest. None. It’s a strange prediction. To say the least.

none of that matters with this ■■■■■ “oh look she changed her mind how about that”

regardless could be a number of others. democrats will do what they need to do to “win”.

It could be others sure. The most secure election of your lifetime. But that doesn’t matter. After all he lost.

lots of things were changed at the last second to help democrats. It’s these kinds of tricks that Democrats rely on to “win”

but you are aware of that so let’s not get into that again in yet another thread

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Sure sure. Only way dems can win is by cheating because it’s such a failed ideology. Who would actually vote for it right? Right?

About half the country’s population who votes.

I wouldn’t call it “cheating” it’s more like pure “rigging“

Notice I didn’t say “fraud”

anyway, let’s see how these multiple lawsuits and court appearances and everything with Trump out. but no rigging!

You might be surprised what a true believer will do for The Party.

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“Not okurrrr” :rofl:

Dumbass lost the Cardi B vote.

A lot of assumptions with regards to her

Crushing it at HBCU

“They don’t see you in the future of America. But they’re wrong,” Biden said.

What? 10% and diminishing is the “future of America”?

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You doubt her faith? It would be HISTORIC!!!

She a personal friend and confidant of yours, is she?

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And one of those assumptions is yours.

Right it’s my assertion that sounds silly :joy:

No … it’s your confidence in your assertion that sounds silly.


More pandering and lies by Joe Potato Head.
“You ain’t black enough” LOL
What a racist mental midget!

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well, my goodness now even USA today is thinking Biden needs to drop out


“ Recent polling of Biden against Trump looks ugly.”

“ If Democrats were to nominate Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, he’d beat Trump like LeBron James posting up Kevin Hart. There are many others, including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey. Trump would look old and unhinged next to their youthful competence and sober characters.”


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Uh oh

They’re woking…

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lol. :man_shrugging:

they are out of touch as usual