Biden Announces Re-election Bid

Don’t take it personally.

Yer funny

I don’t.

I just find the dehumanizing language to be childish.

Slums run by Dems.

And yet not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean like “lump of cells,” “parasitic organism,” “tumor,” or at best “fetus” instead of “unborn human baby”?


when people at cnn start saying biden cant win……you guys still like Fareed?

going to be an interesting few months

'It is very unlikely that Biden can win this race.“


still too early to mean anything? even after all your lawfare?

too late for michellary?

Perhaps in light of the lawfare, not despite it.

but wouldn’t that be contrary to the intended goal?


The process and SAVE Act

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Betraying Israel narrative on the right, enabling genocide on the left. Can’t win.


Despite the noise, this issue is very unlikely to affect a significant number of voters to make a difference in the presidential election


Mass. - god bless ya.

these are not good numbers

the anti-Trump (aka joe biden) is not very high in approvals. not even among the brainwashed groups relatively speaking, like blacks

how you guys gonna rig this? gonna be interesting few months. i still wonder if they will replace him at the convention or something….

And what do we consider knowledgeable of the issues. The issues that concern or interest you are not the same as mine and vice versa? Who decides what issues are important and how knowledgeable to you need to be.

The fact is every US citizen (minus the minority that cannot legally vote) is entitled to vote regardless of their social or economic situation.

one of your lefty sages “bill maher” is beating the “replace biden” drum. (reminder Biden is the guy who isnt trump.)

so you can stop pretending youre not hoping it happens too. esp since we now know he actually did take showers with his daughter.

i dont know who “vigilant fox” is but if you want to see vid it’s here

will it happen at the convention?


It’s like pornography … you know it when you see it.

Voting is not an entitlement, it’s a responsibility. Voting without knowing the issues or the consequences is irresponsible.



maybe :man_shrugging:

they know trump wouldnt have a chance