Biden Announces Re-election Bid

Did I say that?

Quit making ■■■■ up.

The vagueness of much of this allows for shenanigans, such as working to get state officials in these agencies offices to do these things. There are ways and other organizations that can do this. It is.not the job of federal employees in non-voter agencies to fill out voters paperwork.

I’m talking about responsibilities of federal employees and their duties. O understand never having been one, you have no idea how that works. Try asking a BIA employee to file a piece of paper when the word “filing” is not in their job description. Lol

Also, maybe ask this admin why they won’t show the plans these agencies have to submit when hit with a FOIA request.

What’s so secret if it’s just about a “poster” and it’s just about registering to vote?

I am not sure what the complaint is then.

It seems that the only real problem with the Executive order is from Sec 3(a)(iii)(B) which is a single sentence in the entire thing reading

I cannot see anything nefarious in helping people to register to vote.

Sorry… it is the lamest complaint ever.

Well, then keeping sucking on that “it’s the governments job to do everything” lollipop you have.

Gonna turn around on you some day and no one will give a damn. :woman_shrugging:

On the list of things governments should do… make it easy to register to vote isn’t the weirdest thing to have them do.

But is it the role of every federal agency to basically run get out the vote campaigns from their offices. By allowing state officials to be part of the paperwork and logistical process at the invitation of the agency it makes it ripe for fraud and abuse by those choosing to give a wink and a nod to shenanigans.

But they are concentrated in the urban slums.



What demographic does he excite?

Slums…. Awesome.

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It’s an attempt to get ignorant and/or unformed people to register to vote. If one is truly socially responsible, informed and cares about what government does, they do not have to be herded like sheep to register to vote. Just getting the number of registered voters up does not improve the outcome of elections. In fact, it has a higher probability of contaminating the decision process by flooding it with ignorant voters.

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That’s the problem. Facilitating people to register does not make them informed voters. In fact, it almost certainly lowers the quality of voter competence considerable.

IMO, the voter registration should come with a caveat … “if you are not knowledgeable of the issues and/or candidates, you should not vote.” Uninformed votes contaminate informed votes.

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Not always. F.e. Vermont is very rural.

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Big cities are slums. Just my personal observation.

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Big city transplants.

Liberals are like cancer … they metastasize.

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The TDS segment

How Democratic.


I am sure you believe it to be true.

How dehumanizing

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Clump of cells

You are right. Democrats love to have ballot issues determined by the least knowledgeable among us.

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Yep. Personal experience with fresh eyes not jaded by living in those slums.