Biden Announces Re-election Bid

Biden has made it official and is seeking re-election. In my opinion, he’s too old, but as the incumbent, he has an advantage.

Democrats can not point to a more effective policy mover in the last half-century than President Biden. I hope primary voters recognize that.


I agree. Whomever was president after covid was going to take a beating over the economic damage. He’s handled it well and was still able to get a lot accomplished.


seeking re-installation


Back to the basement.
Roll out the Trump is a bad MAGA extremist threat to ‘Mocracy campaign.
Who’s going to fact check the lies?


None of it good nor sustainable.


Have to laugh at Democrats here, 70 percent of them didn’t want him to run, too bad peasants.


So my question is simply this…looking forward to 2024…knowing what you do now and being able to look back at what’s happened affecting this country with 20/20 vision, if it’s between Trump and Biden again…could you possibly pull the lever for Brandon? Anybody?

I’d vote for a box of hammers with a big blue D painted on the side, before I’d vote for Trump.


That fact checking is the responsibility of Biden’s opponents in the political world and the media. If they don’t generate much that is believable whose fault is that?

I understand. :roll_eyes:

I’d vote for a box af hammers with a big blue D painted on the side, before I’d vote for Trump.

That summarizes D strategy in 2018, 2020 and 2022 perfectly. And that strategy worked! D’s are counting on it working again in 2024.

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Infrastructure bill
Chips act

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Every single time.

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Darn it.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ …and supposedly…there’s 81 million of these ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Yup. He was essentially written off early in the 2020 primaries too.

Yet here we are.

PS: I actually think that most of the misplaced pre-analysis of writing him off is coming from the Right. We see a lot libs lining up to extol his “accomplishments” now.

Unless Biden passes away before then, I predict we will see him in the (D) slot on the November 2024 ballot.

There is…and a good chunk of them were republicans because we see DJT is not fit to be president of the united states.

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I can’t even imagine the reality of the world you live in. The only conclusion I can make is you’re one… …“disturbed guy”.

I live among a torrent of lib family members and friends. Social media debris from them bobbing in the flow of posts essentially distill to this: “Please let it be someone else in the (D) slot on the ballot in 2024. I don’t want to have to vote for him.” They certainly will if he’s the option.

The hatred for conservatism, for capitalism, for morality, etc., is so strong that they will do it.

But I’ll also say this: From their perspective, they say the same about us, and see the same in us, but just from the opposite side of the coin. I’m not hesitant to say the same about Trump if they ask who could possibly pull the lever for him. For you and me, we can’t imagine anyone being motivated for voting for Biden. For them, they can’t imagine anyone voting fr Trump. And that cultural chasm grows wider by the day nowadays.

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