Biden Announces Re-election Bid

Case in point.

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I assure you, the feeling is mutual.

Dude…it’s a great life…surrounded by family, prospering children, same wife for decades, virtually no debt, happiness everywhere and a lot of it is due to practicing in real life, what I preach here in Hannity Land. I want this for everybody…EVERYBODY!

Try it…you’ll like it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Dems recognize a bad choice? Seems like a good thing to me. If only republicans could do that.

I don’t think the Dems currently have a good choice. He will probably still get a lot of Trump haters votes based on his moderate reputation. But anyone paying attention knows Biden moved more left once he got elected and I am wondering if that keeps enough people home to allow a second Trump term.

The kid sniffer makes it official and look at all of his boot licking hustlers carrying his water. Shows pedophilia has a place under the democrats tent

Not sustainable. Don’t tell me about your efforts, show me your results.

Chips Act is a Trump policy.

And will vote for it anyway, just like republicans.

The single most dishonest corrupt foreign agent in the history of the American presidency …

The man is a disgrace.

I hope the American people wake up and recognize the irreversible damage this clown and his minions have done to this country.

Party over country.


…and I have a dream. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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The Chips Act that was passed into law in 2022? Trump policy how?

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There’s still children left to sniff, there’s still a Kid Sniffer there to feverishly support.

Hop-to, libs. Do as your kid sniffing (D)addy says. :rofl:


Oh he’ll be on the ballot…anyone who dared to disagree with that crook and his minions will be labeled a MAGA Republican just because.

And despite the now non existent southern border…
The trillions in needless spending…
The tens of thousands of dead Americans from fentanyl…
The four years of inflation…
The war in Ukraine and the one that appears to be about to start in Taiwan…
The lovely new alliances China has developed- BRICS… BRICS Currency Could End Dollar Dominance
The mounting evidence that the Biden’s are bought and paid four foreign agents…
The politicization of entities like our justice department against his enemies on his watch…
The simple reality that we are not anywhere near better off today than we were four years ago…
The stupid energy policies based not on what’s in the best interest of Americans but rather on the climate change lie…
And the simple reality that the man would be 82 at his swearing in and he’s too damn old even if he wasn’t the most corrupt liar in the history of our country …

I’m afraid the dummies on the left are all going to line up like the lemmings they are and vote for him.


I mean the posts are like minutes from each other in posting time :man_facepalming::sweat_smile:. Just… perfection.


Video taped and rehearsed so you can’t see the puppet strings.

Fake elections bring fake presidents.

Brandon is as fake as it gets.

Talentless hack that can only lie and deceive and cash checks from the Chinese…

Let’s Go Brandon!!!


I promised I wasn’t going to waste as much time as I have been on this forum but…

One last post…

We are about to get our worst election nightmare.

Biden v trump…the rehash…God help us this is going to be an awful election season.

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Are you really that slow to catch on? Look at DC, LA, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Memphis…etc…and see the ripples going out…infecting formally uninfected areas.

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Looking. You mean crime?

But you have all theee things and life is good…

Apparently not if those dastardly dems stay in power

Apparently not if that dastardly Obama wins a second term

Same nonsense ten years later.

I may have all of these things but there are those that don’t and I want this for all.