Bernie Sanders is running in 2020


No this. Poor crazy old man Bernie looked weak, dazed and confused.

Bernie Simps Out


They are busy spending the Soros 33 million contribution.

The last thing I read from them was an essay expressing their grief after Castro died. They were singing his praises and showering his memory with much appreciation for his efforts sheltering fugitive cop killers and other saint “black evolutionists”


The Clinton party cheated Bernie and he deserves another chance. :clap:


Crazy old man Bernie can’t stand up to anyone, When he tries, bless his wild hair head, it just fails.


Neither Biden nor Bernie will be the nominee.

You guys can have your 76 yr old as Presidential nominee.



I guess all of the first-timers throwing their hat into the ring, Booker, Harris, Castro, don’t count?


Unless someone new, fresh and reformed gets in, it will be Biden or Bernie. Bernie’s small core fan base won’t be enough to transfer to the business democrat votes. They need those votes to pick up the rust belt. Looking at the current looney tunes candidates, the Dems are in deep mediation, full lotus position for Biden to run. Biden looks like a conservative compared to the current field. Bernie, the crazy old man that lost to Clinton who lost to Trump and now wants to face Trump, can only win the nomination if Biden does not run. I think he would be the 1st octogenarian POTUS, necessitating careful consideration when choosing a running mate.

The super delegate system the Dems employ to decide their nominee is their own worst enemy. The wealth flows, they shake their greedy hands and abracadabra behold the nominee. If Biden runs, the money will reign down on Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.


It won’t be neither Bernie nor Biden. Sorry.

I know its still stinging that Hillary isn’t running, but its not going to be either of these.


I love Hillary


I would say Bernie has a better chance of getting the nom than Biden. My money would be on Harris because of the earlier California primary.


There is an article in Wall Street Journal today that Beto is still mulling jumping into the fray as a non-socialist Democrat - use free market means to achieve progressive results.


I don’t think the eventual D nominee will be any of Sanders, Warren, or Biden in the end. However, I don’t really see the charisma that Obama had in any of the younger candidates that have jumped in so far. Unless the economy tanks in the next 18 months, i’d have to say the odds of Trump getting re-elected are very much in his favor. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016, but wouldn’t rule out voting for Trump in 2020 at this point.


Why doesn’t he run as a Republican then?


They arent even a contender. They are fodder to make another clintonesque person to easily win the primary. Kind of like mcmuffin was. Oh and o mallet as well.


Let us Democrats deal with our own.


Why would he ? He’s obviously not a Republican.


The problem is, which ones will they really claim as their own.


All of them. Democrats don’t try this game of “conservative” vs Republican vs establishment Republican.


The Democrat party is severley fractured.


So says the Republican.