Bernie Sanders is running in 2020

He has announced he is going for it again.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is giving it another go, launching a second campaign for the White House four years after surprising Democrats with a strong bid for the party’s 2016 nomination.

“We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign, and now it’s time to move that revolution forward,” the independent senator told Vermont Public Radio in an interview airing Tuesday morning.
Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Bid : NPR

He shouldn’t.

I feel sad for this thread. It won’t be supported by democrats and will probably die.

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Trumps victory insurance has arrived.

He really shouldn’t. Would pretty much guarantee 45 get another term.

Sanders time is past. Same with Biden. They’re both simply too old, at this point.

Why shouldn’t he run? He’s number 2 in the polls.

Democrats love their old timers.

Might as well. We are aware that there is no Democrat Party anymore. It stopped when Obama elected. He is a Progressive who said in his books he sought out the Marxist professors. Hillary a Progressive and wrote letters to Alinsky. Obama let us know who he was at the end of his time in office. It was “We the People” who were alarmed from the start. We knew what he was. Hannity is the only one who told the truth from the start, about Obama.

Personally I am horrified that this country would even say the word Socialism. It is the road to Communism. I know Communism. My grandfather escaped it and then ran an underground for others to escape it. He and my mother came here after WWII. They had been POW for the duration of the war. I know the history of Stalin, the Gulag and the entire bloody and I mean bloody truth. Now we have generations of people who don’t know anything and that was well planned by Public Schools because if they knew history, they would never allow it to be repeated.

Especially here in America.

Obamacare was created by the Heritage Foundation. It’s a right-wing healthcare plan that this “progressive” implemented? President Obama was more a Moderate Republican than a Marxist Democrat.

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Socialism is not the road to communism.

We have socialism already in place in the US - Medicare, police, fire, etc.

Are you saying these are leading us down the path to communism?

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What socialist countries have become communist?

Yes but he was black. And Democrat.

Yeah, that Donald Trump is a spry 72 years old!

And you don’t love your 72 year old youngster?

Although I don’t think Bernie can win the nom, I have to admit that he’s got guts, and I admire a man with guts!

The candidate was always going to be Biden or Sanders. I used to think 100% Sandets would win but with all the progressives running it could be Biden as they knock each other out one by one.

Said the Republicans in 2008 who thought Hillary was a shoo-in.

She came very very close, I think she even won the popular vote back then as well but not a :100:%

That video of Bernie partying with the Russians with his shirt off will destroy his chances, no one want a Putin puppet.