Bernie Sanders is running in 2020


I like Bernie.

I don’t like the idea of an 87 year old Bernie as President if he wins and makes it to the end of his second term.


Very little enthusiasm on here for the man who gave Hillary a good race and is consistently polling no. 2 right behind Biden.


I won’t vote for Sanders. He is too old and a bit too far left.


It’s very likely Trump will be the youngest candidate in the 2020 national election. I think it will be either Biden or Sanders.


No, thanks


Well, vigorously shuffling anyway.


Woody Allen talking about aging in Annie Hall:

“You know, I think I’m gonna be the, the balding virile type, you know, as opposed to, say, the uhm, distinguished gray, for instance, you know, unless I’m neither of those two. Unless I’m one of those guys with saliva dribbling out of his mouth who wanders into a cafeteria with a shopping bag screaming about socialism.”

Bernie always makes me think about that.


And here I thought he’d never give it a go after losing to George Washington. Way to get back on that horse, Bernie!


You must not have seen the 2 BLM alt left feminists run him off stage at his own speaking event! Then his mom Jane, I mean wife, had to jump up and fight his battle. Very weak optics. He’s a simp.


Whatever happened to BLM? I haven’t heard any news or protests about that group in a long time.


This video?


What happened to the tiki torchers from Charlottesville?


If only trump wasnt the oldest president…youd totally have a point qorth considering


This is the desperation we see the democrat party in. The so called big tent has nothing more than the same old horses to run.

This will certainly be fun to watch. The democrat party has been tearing their insides out with trying to keep the party moving so far socialist. But the activist liberals will hear nothing about middle of the road.

"FEEL THE BERN" :sunglasses:


Quoted for irony.


I haven’t heard anything about the Tea Party in a long time either. You’re point?


like any group without leadership they stopped existing.


Don’t know only a dozen showed up at the DC rally. Not sure what that has to do with BLM. I wasn’t equating them to a racist group, I just haven’t heard much news about them.


Hrm, no point I had just saw zonulets post about the two female BLM members who got on stage at the Bernie rally and I haven’t heard anything about the group on the news in quiet awhile.


He’s not a Democrat.