Bernie Sanders is running in 2020


Now you’re guessing. That should be changed


Wait, are you a “conservative”? Establishment Republican? Trump Republican? Mainstream Republican?


When the facts change, I change my oppinnion
I am not in any club


You mean sure love their commies. :wink:


You might be right, as of now though, they have been the two front runners for at least a year and both hold the no. 1 and 2 spot in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Biden’s lead is quiet impressive for someone who hasn’t declared.


Then he should be excluded. Find a poll of those who have declared. I’d be curious who’s winning, probably Warren based on name recognition


Wow. We actually have somebody saying “commies.” My mother was a member of the communist party for a short time, because she believed in something larger than herself. That was in 1943. She remained a liberal after becoming an orthopedic surgeon and later the director the state (where I grew up) Department of Maternal and Child Health. She worked closely with her republican senator (they were friends) to enact health legislation and on a committee that investigated the best health care strategy for our state.They came up with basically a single payer plan. . . which of course was never adopted. She also worked on health care at West Point and was on President Kennedy’s committee for exercise health for the United States.

It was only through her position in our state government that I found out that our state equivalent of the FBI had photographs of me simply because I attended a protest at our state capitol against the war in Vietnam.

I have some respect for communist ideals, and for most of human history that was essentially the human condition.

I admire the European socialist model. And the United States is already pretty socialist.

Go Bernie. And good on all the candidates. Looking forward to a free-for-all.


2 decades ago libs were afraid to admit they’re libs.

just a decade ago they were afraid to admit they were socialist.

What will this decade bring?

Now you mention that your state photograph you…but yet all to many want to give them more powers?

In my mind that’s not logical.


We are all a little bit socialist.

Some just admit more than others.


Huh? What does that do with my comment?


I don’t see any without Biden in them. It shows him up 3-1 in South Carolina with 36% of the vote.

Kamilla Harris is beating Warren in the first three states for third place in the RCP poll average. I’m not saying these numbers will hold but Biden’s lead is huge, if it was held tomorrow he would win the first three states over double digits.


So what? And, hey, I like Biden.


Actually, communism is a leftist utopian system, and socialism is the vehicle used to achieve it. The United States has a large welfare system supported by burdensome taxes, but our economy is not socialist.


So tell me why socialist countries like Scandinavia haven’t gone to communism?


Some very strong arguments against Sanders presented here. For one, he is like, old.


This is a good question.


Sure thing. They are not socialist countries. Sure, they have a large welfare state supported by very high taxes, but they are still market economies.


Hopefully, he will be #1 in the polls.

I can only cross my fingers :joy:


How’d that work for Clinton 2008?


No Scandanavia and Norway are true socialist countries.

It’s ok, the premise of socialism leading to communism is not true. There will be other “fear” slogans to work with later.