Be sure to watch Sean tonight


You always have to keep in mind the attention spans of those you’re speaking to here, Doc.


You have zero proof of that. Also what e-mail caused Hillary the most damage? You probably think the Russian changed votes, too.

And the DNC was not hacked… They got phised…


Flynn was done in by illegal unmasking and Obama admins illegal leaks to the press also.

Seems to be the pattern. Leak a story and tell the judge the journalist found it out themselves, when they didn’t…

Very similar to Comey…


That’s perfect because all the other investigations on that list have a crime that starts the investigation and it’s in the title except the last one… LMAO!


The Cohen, Flynn and Papa indictments all point to Trump campaign officials in regular contact with Russians during the campaign.

Also phishing is a form “hacking” …


So, was Hillary. It’s not against the law to talk to Russians…That’s not proof…


Which e-mail cost her the election?..


No long term memory.


Flynn the Innocent Victim :rofl:


Just what is it you think he did?


Pretty much. Supposedly.

Fake news.


That would be idiotic. He would be making millions more if he were still running his real estate ventures. Did you know that he is not taking a salary as President?


100% false. Why make stuff up? Can’t trust people who do that.


Why would Sean broadcast fake news?


Sean isn’t a news broadcaster. His show is entertainment and opinion.


Its his investigation. He owns the leaks.

Sorry if you don’t like the results.



This turned out to be nothing right?


Mueller doesn’t control the crazy things that fall out of Rudy’s mouth.

You cannot point to a single piece of information that you can provide any evidence of to accuse mueller of leaking.

Zip. Nada. None.

Try it. I bet anything you attempt I’ll be able to show coming from the defense.


Can you give examples of what his office has leaked?


If Mueller cannot plug the leaks what makes you think we can?

At this point I just laugh at the forced narrative.

Leaky is doing a stellar job.