Be sure to watch Sean tonight


If it’s not on Rush or Fox it’s not real.


Correct. That’s why Mueller was tasked to investigate. To see if Americans colluded with foreigners.


What leaks specifically?


I am not asking you to plug leaks…

I am asking you to provide facts that Muellers team leaking. Can you provide proof without going on a weird tangent?


Ask him. Your post isn’t conclusive, aka fake news.


Strange that your having so much trouble even though DOJ is controlled by Trump.


What leaks?


It was nothing.


I directly challenged you support your falsehood.

That’s a thrown down gauntlet friendo. Do it.



He’s still making millions from his real estate ventures. He has lost nothing by becoming President, aside from damaging his brand.


Darn it!

Why is the world so cruel?

I just want justice.


I was listening to the Sean Hannity show and he seems to be doing a radio drop of his “smoking gun” segment from last night, which it seems is wholly based on discredited “journalist” John Solomon.

This was the image that came to mind:


Can anyone answer why Sean Hannity is spending so much time on this nothing burger regarding these fictional and made-out-of-while-cloth emails?

This is not a good look, especially when you have Mueller sniping off criminals in the Trump campaign?


The wierd thing about this … and I certainly can be wrong… but the parts of the Steele Dossier that reported on Carter Page and were used for the FISA warrant all turnerd out to be true.



Absolutely. The dossier elements regarding Page have been shown to be true. And when they say “the bulk of the FISA was the dossier”, simply means the DOJ attached the dossier in its entirety, and simply referenced the elements regarding Page.

And now they are claiming that Trump is not releasing the 302s and other elements because he’s “holding them as his ace” against the “corrupt Democrats”.

If the documents showed anythng that would help Individual 1, aka Unindicted Co-conspirator, he would do it in a heart beat. This leads me to the logical conclusion that the documents are like the Nunes Memo - a steaming pile of horse manure.

Anyway, this John Solomon guy is a kook. He is now saying “Don’t worry, the Mueller investigation is winding down.”

LOL! If anyhting, the Flynn charging documents show more Trump Criminals are going to be charged.


Well, as a minimum, lied to the FBI (a felony to which he pled guilty).


This article debunks this whole rehash of nonsense that Sean Hannity and John Solomon are engaging in.

This is just sad. Why do these people believe that people are so gullible?


Seriously? Many of his real estate ventures have had a way of resulting in bankruptcy…


He probably thinks it’s insultingly low, considering he thinks the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs makes $5 mil a year.


Was it more nothing or less nothing than Glenn Beck’s earth-shattering announcement?