Be sure to watch Sean tonight


John Solomon is using Sean Hannity to spread untruths regarding the FISA applications.

Sean Hannity just said that the Steele dossier accounted for the “bulk” of all of the FISA applications. However, the WaPo shows Solomon to be an abject liar.

The 3rd section contained the Steele information. Look below at the length of the 3rd section in each renewal.

The 3rd section stays roughly the same, but sections 4 through the end continue to grow with more facts that back up the need to keep the warrant.

Solomon is a total fraud and a complete liar.

Consider three sections that appear in each document: The third section (including the Steele information), the fourth through sixth sections (including Page’s denial and more redacted information) and the conclusion. Here’s the page number where each of those appears in each document.


And now Sean Hannity contradicts himself.

He says Michael Flynn was “illegally surveilled - there was no minimization and he was illegally unmasked.”

Minimization is the process of hiding the identity of the American citizen during a FISA wiretap.

Unmaksing is the process of revealing the identity of the American citizen when authorities believe it necessary for a criminal investigation.

So which is it? Was their “no minimization”?

Or was there an “illegal unmasking”?

I am suspecting Sean Hannity doesn’t know any of the specifics regarding Flynn and is just spinning what is supposed to be an entertaining yarn for his listeners.


Tread carefully, young Skywalker.


I’m not so sure that Sean has thought this one through. I don’t see the end game for his narrative. Let’s take him at his word for a moment and assume that he is right that the FBI misled the FISA court and propped up the “phony” dossier to obtain a warrant.

That doesn’t absolve the crimes that have been committed. It doesn’t end the investigation into Trump and his campaign. It doesn’t make Flynn less guilty.

All it does is discredit a few members of the FBI and maybe create more oversight for the FISA court.

That is a best case scenario. The more likely scenario is that he overplays these emails and he loses credibility, much like Nunes has at times of this investigation when he said he had some bombshell news.


Need a bit more proof than hearsay from a TV personality.


They did. Hillary bought a dossier of fake dirt from a British ex-intel agent who paid his connections in Russia for the dirt… It’s like dems have instant memory loss…

The Australians are in on the action too…

And yet dems don’t care… Mueller is the one eyed jack,


Yes. The FISA warrant was based on nothing. Lindsey Graham claims that he will get to the bottom of it. My confidence in the ability of republicans to do more than talk is nearly zero,


Keep forgetting that the parts of the dossier that are about Carter Page turned out to be true.


Dude. Since you are the one who believes that Sean broadcasts fake news, then it would be up to you to do this. I make no such accusation.


You keep forgetting that the entire premise for the investigation was based on a lie spun by the democrats. There has not been a shred of evidence that anybody worked with the Russians to tamper with the elections. None. And that’s what this investigation is all about Charlie Brown.


I feel for you a little bit. It really do.

When it is shown that the President is absolutely dirty and perhaps traitorous all you have left to cling to is the idea that the FBI shouldn’t have investigated the matter in the first place.

It is like one wants to remain willfully ignorant that in order to get one wanted… to defeat Clinton and see lib tears or whatever… that one had to sell out every value that they previously held dear.


If after all we now know you are still carrying water for this fat corrupt idiot then you are completely ■■■■■■■ hopeless.

God help us if he tweets that licking windows and microwaving batteries makes you smarter.


it’s a mafia lawyer’s trick. go after the detectives, police and judge.


Like speaks to like.