Be sure to watch Sean tonight


He apparently has some breaking news complete with names regarding the FISA warrant. I would love to discuss his findings in this forum.


I’m sure this will take down the Hillary Clinton presidency.


It’s about time!


I’ll make sure I watch, so I can discuss his findings with you here.




Did you know that we are obligated to pursue justice even if the perp lost a presidential election? Strange concept eh? Let me know what you think after the show.


What if they won?


You’re a daisy if you do!


Of course! When there is evidence of a crime, that evidence should be presented.


Says the guy complaining that Mueller is investigating trump.


We already know Comey, Yates, McCabe and last one was the weasel Rosenstein that signed teh FISA warrants.


Is this the fabled D5?? I’m shaking in anticipation!


Incorrect. You just made that up. Or you have me confused with someone else. I said no such thing. I said two things. The investigation is taking an eternity. And that if we are going to investigate someone for an alleged crime, we should at least have the decency to identify the crime that was committed. Remember now?


This is it! D5!



Great news!!! You only have to wait 15 more minutes! :grin:


Oh boy! I sure will!


Nope. Sean says it’s new information. And if he says it, it’s true.


Then you search until you find a crime that fits.


I’m holding my breath.


But John Solomon is in the basement.

I don’t wanna go in the basement.