Be sure to watch Sean tonight

Still nothing will be done about it. They system will protect them at any cost.They know it. It what make CIA, NSA, CoJ and FBI to name a few so corrupt.

Take a look at whistle blower raid a week ago…their is no safe guards in place to prevent their corruption.

What crime would they investigate hillary for?

Here, let me spoil the ending for you:

John Solomon will read his latest opinion piece as fact on the air.


Yep. It’s already online.

“Sources” tell him these emails are damning.

You’re turning blue!!!

We shall see!

Beats me. I’ll watch and see if Hillary is the subject.

I’m sure you will see. I don’t watch TV.

Be sure to tell us all about it.

I’m sitting here like a conquistador convincing the locals I control the sun before the eclipse and you come in here explaining the rotation of the earth. Shame on you.

I hope Snow shows up in this thread to mention his thoughts on anonymous sources.


I don’t have cable. Keep me up to date!

Sources tell me

If the FBI knew

If the FBI knew

Sources tell me

Sources say

one knowledgeable source told me

(and then suddenly at the end everything is fact)

If ever there were grounds to investigate the investigators, these facts provide the justification.


I have a feeling the breaking news will be a lot of speculation with little evidence to back it up, such as “sources”.

Uhhh Hannity spent 5 minutes talking about this “smoking gun” and how nuts it is, but he switched topics and is talking about Mueller and Flynn now?

The important ratings are based on the first 10 to 15 minutes of a show, and just after the 30 minute mark. He needs to have a reason for people to stay tuned

Okay, we’re back on the smoking gun topic.

The guy Hannity is interviewing said a few different things that caught my ear when describing this stuff:

“How it’s been described to me”

“What I’m told”

“If all these things are true”

“Until we see it, I can’t pass judgement”

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Womp womp.

Thanks for the update!

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So, I don’t have cable. Someone please make sure to tell me what this huge bigly wonderful story is.

I’m betting either:

“A lot of people tell me…” or


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Always have, and always will hate them.

But e-mails about the dossier should be declasifed.

Is Hillary and Mueller in jail yet?

Is Sean on location where Hillary is being wheeled away in handcuffs?

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