Be sure to watch Sean tonight

Sorry, but I’ve got to watch paint dry.

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So in a nutshell. The core evidence to investigate the Trump campaign was provided by Hillary Clinton. This evidence was brought to a FISA judge. The FBI did not verify any of the information provided by The Clinton campaign. The FBI knew that the information had massive credibility issues. But they pretty much defrauded the FISA court by withholding this fact. Supposedly there is an email chain that included Comey that verifies this story.


Good god.

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Lol - there’s never a dull moment with this administration.

They discussed that as well. It appears that this will probably happen after Mueller releases his report. The President’s lawyers don’t want him to do it now because it will be spun as the President interfering with the investigation.

Or apparently, as we are learning. in the previous one either. Fun stuff!


You know we’ve all seen the redacted FISA applications, right?

Nothing was “withheld”. The source of the information (Steele) is given. His employment as an opposition researcher is stated right there in the application.

No “defrauding” occurred.

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Sean pretty much staked his reputation on there being emails with Comey’s name on them to back it up. More to come. This is just starting.

Now WAIT just a MINUTE

I’ve been hearing about these illegal FISA abuses for TWO YEARS. No verdict or conviction! WITCH HUNT

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Have you seen the emails? Neither have I. If Trump needs to play a little hardball, we’ll see em. It all depends om how crazy Mueller gets.

Man, another D5 letdown?

This is the worst D5 ever!


I imagine that if you look at Comey’s emails, you’ll find his name on them.

Ah yes. But this is the first time you have heard that there are emails to support the story. It just gets better all the time.

I dont need to see the emails to know that what you just stated is false - because I’ve seen the FISA application (a redacted version of it).

Okay, i’ll bite. what’s D5?

From what Sean says, the emails admit that major information regarding the accuracy of the Hillary report was withheld. If yo don’t mind I will take our hosts view over yours.

D5 is December 5th.

You are quite welcome to believe whatever makes you feels good.

Sean Hannity has not seen any of these emails. Neither has John Solomon.

No offense, but when Sean went all in on blaming Seth Rich’s death in the DNC and hillary, his reputation took a hit.

Should this be downgraded to a D3? Maybe D2? Kind of like tornadoes and hurricanes.